Strato 2020 update 1.13

We’re pleased to announce our first major release for 2020. Strato 1.13 comes packed with new features and functions that focus on three core areas: 

Expanded Functionality

We’ve added better ways to automatically create your correspondence’s content. This includes adding new condition options, embedding conditions on sections and full templates and making them reusable, and new ways to design and build text and table sections.

Improved Ease of Use

The Strato Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your organization’s current usage such as which documents are requested the most. We’ve also added a new function that enables you to see field values while creating your document is also included so you can easily verify if you’re using the correct information. Multiple enhancements to improve Strato’s speed and performance were also put in place. The best thing is, Strato is now 100% mobile-friendly. Go give it a try on your phone!

Process Optimization

We’ve built several workflow automations that allow HR, Managers, and employees to send, route, approve and sign documents even without external integrations. This makes a lot of standard HR processes run faster and better.

Latest Developments

New Strato Add-ons and extensions have been developed in the past couple of months. These added features further optimize your key HR and decision making process by eliminating 90% of the manual work involved when creating and routing documents and saving and storing information. 

Picture this: A change in one’s SAP SuccessFactors data triggers an automated workflow that enables HR, the Managers, or the employees to view, approve, sign, and manage their documents in one fell swoop. 

These add-ons are not only compatible with Strato- they can be used as stand-alone solutions for SAP SuccessFactors modules too! Click the links below to learn more about our new Strato solutions. 

Strato ESign

Enable your key approvers and employees to review, approve, reject, and sign documents using a smart approval workflow. An expanded version allows you to take advantage of a trigger-based Process automation tool that eliminates the majority of the manual HR work entailed for Employee Documents, Communications and Reports.

Strato Storage

Safely secure your documents in a dedicated, easily-accessible server for fast retrieval

Strato Email Templates

Create fully branded communications and send them as an email using smart logic and conditions

International Assignments / Multiple ID Document Generation

Organizations operating globally will be able to easily send the right version of the document based on the recipient’s nationality/location of work.

Strato Release Schedules

Strato Major Releases will be moving from a monthly schedule to a more streamlined, demand-centric schedule. The next major updates for Strato will be launched in April 2020

We will deliver 4 major releases for 2020, while 3 major releases are already planned for 2021. View the release schedules here

The upcoming releases will contain multiple enhancements based on previous change requests, and new features that are focused on storage and automation.

About Strato

Strato Cloud Platform was built with a 20-20 vision in mind: to take HR to the next level

Strato was developed in 2016 and was built to take HR to the next level. It is a one-stop-shop solution for all HR and Employee Correspondence and Documents which provides a seamless user experience for both HR and the employees. Strato can save organizations lots of time, cost and effort during implementation, and will continue to do so day to day, while remaining secure and compliant with global privacy laws. 

Strato is a robust solution that contains hundreds of features that accelerate document generation, from adding conditions and logic, to integrating with multiple languages and e-signature sequences. 

It is flexible for both full-cloud, hybrid and on-premise use, and can be utilized even by those who are not familiar with the SAP or SuccessFactors interface. It has powerful self-service features and automations that enable HR to manage documents and correspondences with ease.