Easy SF Connector

Include data fields from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central & Employee Central Payroll

Easy SF Connector is an add-on to SpinifexIT’s flagship solution, Easy Reporter.

Activating the Easy SF Connector enables you to report on both Employee Central Payroll (ECP) and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central information together in real time. 

With your current EC and ECP data easily available, your team can quickly provide operational reporting to the HR or Payroll team, your organization’s key decision makers or directly to your employees.

This can be easily run directly from SuccessFactors without any technical knowledge or the need to do risky manual data extraction and manipulation. 

Explore Easy SF Connector's features

What you can do with SpinifexIT's Easy SF Connector Solution

Report SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Data alongside the Payroll Data real-time

Use any SAP SuccessFactors selection fields in your SAP report

Report on other SAP SuccessFactors data using any existing SAP SuccessFactors API

Run these reports directly from SAP SuccessFactors without any technical knowledge

Use SpinifexIT’s Web Reporting solution to view, edit and export your reports

Build Comprehensive HXM and Payroll Reports

The Easy SF Connector enables you to add SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central data alongside any SAP Employee Central Payroll information you require in your reports.

With full access to your required information, your Payroll team can easily compare your SAP SuccessFactors information against your SAP Payroll data as part of your data replication and validation process. 

You can easily identify which employees in SAP SuccessFactors are connected to an SAP Payroll ID and which ones are not. This makes payroll processing a smoother process by making sure all employees are included during each pay run. 

An easier way to access your HXM and Payroll Reports

  • Manager Self-Service – Managers can generate team reports based on the employees assigned to them following the SAP SuccessFactors Position Hierarchy
  • Employee Self-Service – Employees logged in to SAP SuccessFactors can generate their own reports which show only their information
  • Payroll Administrators – Run any Easy Reporter report directly from their SAP SuccessFactors homepage