Easy Reporter oData Gateway

Access and share your data outside of the SAP HCM environment.

Easy Reporter oData Gateway

Access and share your data outside of the SAP HCM environment.

Utilize SAP HCM Data to its fullest

Many organizations seek to access SAP HCM Data inside external systems such as SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Lake or even solutions such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Easy Reporter oData Gateway offers a simple solution for accessing intricate HCM Data. Once in place, it enables you to:

How does this work?

Take a scenario where you need to add the employee and payroll information into the SAP Analytics Cloud environment for dashboard reporting to managers, the process involves the following steps:


Create the report with the data

Within Easy Reporter, you can create the report required to supply the data.

For this scenario, let’s assume it’s beneficial to have two reports: one containing employee data and another containing payroll information.


Make a report available as an external data source

Within Easy Reporter, select the reports you want to be made available externally. This enables control over which data is shared outside of SAP.

All reports shown will be available to the external data source.

SpinifexIT_Easy Reporter_oData Gateway_Step 2 Image_FY24
Fig. 3a
Fig. 3b


Point the data source to the Easy Reporter Gateway

In SAP Analytics Cloud, select the data source and direct it to the Easy Reporter Gateway endpoint URL. SAP login details are required to access the data, ensuring that only data visible to the logged-in user is available for reporting.

The reports setup in the prior step will be shown and can be selected for importing into SAP Analytics Cloud.

Once a data source (an Easy Reporter report) is selected, fields can be chosen and selection criteria entered, as demonstrated in figure 3b.

Data is then imported from the SAP environment.


Data is then loaded and made available in SAP Analytics Cloud

Finally, the data is loaded and made available in SAP Analytics Cloud.

The oData information is loaded for the specific reports selected, including all fields and data that would typically appear on the report.

These reports can be loaded as one-time reads or scheduled to run daily or weekly, depending on the options available in the tool.

Immediate Results

With the data made available to you, you now can visualize it using your local BI or Reporting solution.

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