Easy Documents is a dynamic solution that uses data from across your SuccessFactors and SAP Landscape to make employee documents, letters and forms available to users in real-time. Documents such as offer letters, employment confirmations, separation certificates, staff movement letters and Social Security letters can be generated and produced at the push of a button.

Easy Documents documents may contain conditional content, graphics, and graphs and charts to illustrate your documents better. Easy Documents can be generated, viewed and sent from on a standard web browser using SpinifexIT UI5 interface.

Find out more about Easy Documents. Refer to our Easy Documents knowledge base here. (link: https://spinifexit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/203574167-Easy-Documents)
Moving to full cloud? Step up your HXM Document generation and communications automation game with Strato. Check it out here. (Link to https://spinifexit.com/solutions/sap-successfactors-documents/)
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