Easy Clone

Quickly Copy and Scramble SAP HCM and Employee Central Records in Seconds

Meet Easy Clone

Easy Clone copies and anonymizes current and historical data from SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central in seconds.

With Easy Clone, your Payroll team can expedite payroll testing and troubleshooting activities using fresh, synchronized data while ensuring your organization’s data privacy requirements are followed. 

Data Cloning for SAP HCM and Employee Central

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Easy Clone can be used for:

  • Enhancing the testing of new payroll configuration before going live
  • Troubleshooting payroll inquiries after go-live or as part of ongoing activities
  • Anonymization of employee data after a system refresh from production
  • Training for payroll staff
Easy Clone

An Optimized Payroll Testing Process with Easy Clone

Reduce the time spent on payroll testing and troubleshooting

Use your latest payroll data to create datasets from on-premise or SAP SuccessFactors data sources

Keep your data sets synchronized while troubleshooting payroll

Anonymize and protect your payroll and employee data at all times

With Easy Clone, you can have the confidence that your payroll configuration is tested and validated prior to migrating it to production.

Easy Clone helps reduce time spent creating test data by more than 90%, allowing you to create more secure and efficient testing processes.

Easy Clone supports your payroll testing and troubleshooting processes wherever you are on your payroll digitization journey. 

Data Cloning for SAP HCM

  • Data cloning for SAP Payroll including on-premise and SAP S/4HANA
  • Feature to enable SAP SuccessFactors data sources
  • Data anonymization tool
  • Generated ‘test’ employees from current and historical data
  • A flexible solution that reduces a 12-day process to 1 hour

Data Cloning for Employee Central

  • Copy test data from Employee Central
  • Synchronize data between Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll
  • Data anonymization tool
  • Copy and mask employee objects, foundation objects, custom MDF objects and more
  • Activate any time

Use a secure, SAP-certified payroll data cloning and anonymization tool to optimize your payroll testing activities. Get Easy Clone today.