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Powerful and easy-to-use products for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors HCM

Easy Balance

With Easy Balance, you can optimize key US Payroll activities in SAP, including tax reconciliation, validating accuracy of configuration, and finding and fixing negative reporting values.

Easy Balance lets you perform time-saving data validation using reports that identify exceptions and automatically uncover out-of-balance situations.

Easy Clone

Reduce your testing time with Easy Clone. It allows you to copy master data from multiple sources regardless of whether it is in cloud or on-premise. With it, you can optimise your testing processes while protecting your data integrity and protects sensitive employee data.

Easy Documents

Quickly create custom employee documents including letters, statements, and reports. Users can use pre-determined conditions to save time while improving the validity of the data.

Get flexible document generation that works with both on-premise and cloud data and allows your employees to view secure documents from anywhere.

With Easy Documents, all of this is possible without programming or the need data manual data merges.

Easy Reporter

Get powerful and easy-to-use reporting for SAP and SuccessFactors without concern of whether your data exists on-premise or in the cloud. Utilize over 150 pre-written reports, perform advanced calculations, and then schedule and email the reports when done.

With Easy Reporter, you get real-time access to SAP, payroll, and more using its drag-and-drop interface. 

Strato Cloud Platform

Using the Strato Cloud Platform, you can create and publish Employee, Recruiting, and Payroll Documents that are professionally formatted using advanced design features. With it, you can easily customise documents using conditional logic and filters and route them using signature workflows.

Strato Cloud will reduce your document creation and distribution time. 

Payroll Control Centre

Validate and reconcile your organization’s Payroll and ensure the integrity of your payroll results with a fully integrated solution.

With Payroll Control Centre, you can improve your visibility while getting faster reporting and multiple ways to validate data and payroll.

Future-proof your payroll and empower your team with Payroll Control Centre.  

Single Touch Payroll

If you’re concerned about the new Single Touch Payroll initiative being released by the Australian Taxing Office, you’re not alone. Get rid of those worries with SpinifexIT’s Easy Payment Summaries.

Case Studies

Telstra Case study

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Hp Case study

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Success with our global partners

It's a 10/10! Instead of spending 24 hours a month merging and reconciling 10 SAP reports, I just run one Easy Reporter report and it only takes 2 hours!
Michelle Mara,
Payroll Director, Wildlife Conservation Society
SpinifexIt's Easy Documents, this job is now scheduled and automatically emailed to employees. This way we have saved 3 weeks of man-hours to 0 hours.
Adriana Bercera,
SAP Technical Consultant, Fujitsu AU

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