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SpinifexIT Breakout Session – SuccessConnect Berlin | June 19, 2018

SpinifexIT Breakout Session – SuccessConnect Berlin | June 19, 2018 1024 533 SpinifexIT

Moving to SAP SuccessFactors Solutions: A Step Toward Solving Your Top HR and Payroll Puzzles | SuccessConnect Berlin Breakout Session

So you’ve decided to move to SuccessFactors. What’s next? 

Moving to the cloud is inevitable. Early adopters have begun reaping the benefits of having a more flexible solution for their HR and payroll systems and are aligning their processes to accommodate new technology. However, user experience shows that the speed of adoption is throttled by multiple HR and payroll puzzles some organizations cannot easily solve. Many are still on the fence about rethinking their core HR processes and redoing their business structures, due to reasons including the fear of massive data migration. SpinifexIT, an SAP and SAP SuccessFactors solutions provider for over a decade, has put together several case studies and partner and customer experiences around moving to the cloud and maximizing SAP SuccessFactors investments. We’ll show how organizations either already using SAP SuccessFactors solutions or still considering them can avoid the possible complexities and pitfalls, and how our solutions can help them transition to business as usual in just days.

Event Details

Meeting Room: London One

Schedule: SuccessConnect Day 2 – Tuesday, 4:15 PM – 5:00 PM

Meeting Duration: 30 Minutes Session + 15 Minutes Q&A

Speakers: Brendon Andrews-Warmuth and Henning Bachmayer


Brendon Andrews-Warmuth | SpinifexIT Australia / SpinifexIT Deutschland

Brendon is the Regional Solution Architect at SpinifexIT previously responsible for Australia and now working in the European market. He joined the Australian team in 2015, and will soon be moving to SpinifexIT Deutschland. Prior to joining SpinifexIT, Brendon has been extensively involved in various SAP and SuccessFactors implementation projects since 2009. Brendon will be the key speaker for SpinifexIT’s breakout session in this year’s SuccessConnect event in Berlin. Come see Brendon at Booth #G8, or by joining our session on Tuesday4:15 PM, at London One.

Henning Bachmayer | SpinifexIT Deutschland

Henning is SpinifexIT’s Business Development Manager across EMEA. Since joining SpinifexIT in 2016, Henning built a solid partner network across Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and South Africa. He has been instrumental in introducing SpinifexIT solutions capabilities across the regions. Henning will be facilitating the Q&A session in SpinifexIT’s breakout session. With Brendon and the SpinifexIT Global Team, Henning will be showcasing our solutions’ capabilities in this year’s SuccessConnect Berlin. See him at #G8, and join our 45-minute breakout session to learn more about our solutions for SAP and SuccessFactors.

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