Release 2023.R1, a fresh version of Easy Suite

SpinifexIT is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Easy Suite solutions for SAP HCM, Employee Central and S/4HANA.


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The Easy Suite consists of two sets of solutions: the Payroll Productivity Solutions and the Migration and Implementation Solutions.

Through these, you can streamline your HCM experience with Integrated Reporting, Document Generation, Data Copying, Migration Solutions and much more.


Enhancements to the Payroll Productivity Solutions

Our Payroll Productivity Suite offers a range of tools to simplify the daily tasks of the Payroll and HR team. These mature solutions have continually evolved to meet the needs of our customers, with numerous new features added over time. Some of these enhancements are outlined below.

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As more and more customers are using the HCM solutions through browsers, as of this release we have a version of Easy Reporter that is fully FIORI compatible. This allows for full execution and building of reports, without needing to use SAPGUI any longer. Many advanced features are included in this release including ability to easily run background reports and view the results in the WebUI without needing to resort to viewing spool files.

In addition, we have added many core features to the standard solution, including the ability to customize emails or email files to include fields from the reports. The bulk scheduling that we recently added has also been expanded with new features to better maintain the existing bulk runs.

For those customers using Easy Reporter Lite, we have expanded the menus to include the pre-delivered reports, and allow you much more flexibility in building reports (Just like you are using full Easy Reporter).

Lastly, we have continued to add to the data you can get, including a much requested feature of being able to report historical ORG/PD information.

For customers using Easy Reporter with the SuccessFactors Connector, we have added the ability to report the hierarchy of the Department, Division and Position.  This is similar to the widely used feature in Easy Reporter where we can report the Organizational Hierarchy.

In addition, you can now easily add to the data sources available in SuccessFactors by simply ticking extra entities to include in the reporting fields. 

Effortless Data Cloning with Easy Clone: SpinifexIT’s data cloning and anonymization solution provides customers with a quicker and simpler method to create test data using their most recent production data before launching their payroll system live. With the Employee Central Extension, this data can also include the Employee Central Data.

This release includes enhancements to further improve the copy process. New data options include the ability to copy the USA tax reporter data. There is also the ability to now scramble/randomize more tables, including both employee and configuration tables.  For the employee central copying we have improved the solution in several areas including the ability to check for fields that are not writable in the target system.  We have also made several improvements to the way the pick-lists are handled for customers who have pick-lists using Labels.

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Enhancements to the Migration & Implementation Solutions

Easy Migration and Easy Go Live solutions can assist you with migrating to a new system or implementing a new environment, whether you have been using SAP solutions for a long time or are just implementing SAP S/4HANA or Employee Central Payroll.

Easy Migration can easily transfer your configuration to a new environment with minimal effort. If you want to clean up your configuration, remap it to new values, or merge multiple systems, this is the ideal solution for you.

Enhancements to this solution include many more tables that you can remap the configuration for when moving from system to system.   For merging systems or just tidying up your configuration this adds many additional data sources.

In addition, we have started to add the SpinifexIT tables, so you can easily transfer our product to your new system.  We have started with Easy Reporter, but will followup with the other products soon.

Easy Go Live allows you to migrate your employees to your new SAP system (ECP or S/4HANA) with ease. It includes embedded testing and analysis tools to ensure that your payroll functions the same in the new system as it did in your legacy system.

This release includes features to include statistics on the parallel run screens of the number of records.  It also makes it much easier to set up the solution to drill down into the data to examine an employee – When comparing to an external system that the data is being loaded from a local file.

We have also added the ability to transport Scenarios and Status Codes to a new environment.  This makes the setup and maintenance much easier as you move from system to system.

Update to the Latest Release

Our 2023.R1 Release is now available to all new and existing customer!

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