Discover how new Strato 1.20 features help you meet your organization's digitalization goals.

Feb. 9, 2023  |  10 am EST

In today’s fast-paced business environment, digitalizing SAP HR processes is critical to ensuring your business is able to support your HR workforce effectively, as new ways of working evolve.

With more time saved, higher employee satisfaction, and overall organizational savings, it’s no surprise many organizations are leveraging cloud-based tools for their HR, payroll, and recruiting teams.

On Feb. 9, join SpinifexIT for a webinar to find out how you can benefit from Strato 1.20 and its new features!

Sharing his expertise is Stephen Gallo, Product Director at SpinifexIT. He’s one of the leading minds behind Strato and is perfectly positioned to share more about Strato and its new release features, as well as content enablement, security, and the cloud.

Leave with a deeper understanding of each of these topics as well as resources such as use cases, talk tracks, case studies, and a white paper to share with your teams.

Featured Speaker
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Product Director