Why going paperless is good for your HR and payroll teams

Why going paperless is good for your HR and payroll teams

Why going paperless is good for your HR and payroll teams 150 150 SpinifexIT

Shifting to a paperless setup isn’t easy especially if your team has been used to printing, signing, and storing documents in file folders. There are many reasons, however, why digitizing your processes and going paperless will prove beneficial in the long run – especially for your HR and payroll teams.


1. Level up your efficiency

Document generation and preparing HR and payroll related paperwork is a key part of business, but manually creating, sending, and managing employee and payroll documents take up time. From creating templates to making sure these documents are error-free and sent on-time to the right person, your HR and payroll teams spend hours on this administrative process alone instead of dealing with other equally crucial tasks.

By digitizing your processes and going paperless, you won’t have to constantly create documents from scratch and run the risk of sending the incorrect information or exposing your sensitive payroll data to unintended recipients, which proves to be costly in many ways.

Document generation tools such as Strato have automated workflow features, customizable templates, and file management tools that can help boost a team’s efficiency and productivity.

Investing in a document generation solution also means getting to use other features such as pre-scheduling the sending of documents and receiving automated notifications, routing, with the ability to approve and affix digital signatures, having the ability to include multiple translations (for global teams), and more.

Strato extends the capabilities of your SAP SuccessFactors workflow automations.

2. Ensure compliance and security

Signing important and sensitive documents on paper could lead to a lot of problems — such as accidental data exposure, which could result in breach of confidentiality. Opting for a fully digitized automated process, for instance, means only the intended recipients, such as employees and their managers, are allowed to view and sign the document.

Automation features such as those by Strato offer increased security by following SAP SuccessFactors triggers based on SAP SuccessFactors data fields. This minimizes exposure risks by keeping it within the system and requiring little to zero manual intervention.

3. Contribute to the environment. No, really.

Going green used to be just a buzzword or a PR stunt to make a company look good. These days, consumers and businesses take climate change and sustainability issues seriously — and they’ll want to partner up with an organization that cares about the same thing.

Going paperless and digital is a good step for your organization to reduce their carbon footprint, save on resources, and show that you’re in it for the long haul.

In 2021, in particular, SpinifexIT’s Strato solution for SAP SuccessFactors saved a total of 2 millions sheets from being printed on. Think about how much your organization alone can make a difference.

4. Make substantial savings on cost and other resources

In one of our customer success stories, a mining company saved thousands in significant annual operating costs when it implemented Strato to manage and automate their recruitment documents.

Of course, the return of investment takes time, and going paperless and digital may require some initial funding; however, the impact in terms of efficiency and operational upkeep means you’ll save money and resources in other areas too.

Most importantly, your team gets to manage employee documents more efficiently, stay compliant, and spend time and resources on other crucial aspects of the business – which is time and money well spent.

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If you’re considering going paperless and exploring our document generation solution, Strato,
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