Strato 1.18 Updates

Strato 1.18

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New Year, New Strato! Here’s what’s included in our 1.18 Release.

Strato 1.18 includes new features around its Strato Storage, Strato Sign and Strato Automate tools. These updates will help your team to further improve Data Privacy compliance, streamline your document routing and signing process, and optimize your overall SAP SuccessFactors document management which supports your key HCM and Payroll activities.

Strato 1.18 will be deployed for UAT on January 8, 2022 and will go live on Production on January 29, 2022. You may view the release calendar here.

Automate the assignment of your documents’ validity with Strato Storage

• Apply validity rules to your stored documents
• Automatically set your documents for archiving, expiration and deletion based on your organization’s storage compliance requirements
• Use Categories to quickly find and modify your documents’ validity and storage specifications

Eg. All documents tagged as a Compliance Document (Work From Home Policies, Laptop Usage, etc.) are set to have a 1-year validity.

Sign your PDF documents with Strato Sign

• Previously, only documents generated and routed via Strato can be signed with Strato Sign
• The 1.18 release allows users to sign uploaded PDFs with• Strato Sign within the same workflow
• Signatures may be embedded anywhere within the document with a drag-and-drop tool

Eg. HR uploads a year-end tax declaration and payment PDF from a third-party vendor and sends a copy to the employee.

The employee may sign the PDF version of the form before it is routed back to HR. As soon as HR completes signing the declaration form, a signed copy of the PDF is forwarded to both the employee and HR.

Access tooltips to setup your workflows faster in Strato Automate

• Validate the fields you use in your documents and workflow by viewing tooltips
• This gives you info about the field’s Field Label, Field Group, API path, and Key Field value (if there’s any)
• Assign default key fields to make field selection faster

Eg. An employee may have three email addresses stored in their SAP Successfactors profile (Business, Personal, Other). Their Business Email can be assigned as their default key field in Strato to centralize all communications to the email.

Manage your data fields better

• Build complete documents by having more access to additional fields and information
• Link custom fields and entities to show stored metadata in SAP SuccessFactors

Eg. Building a complete Talent Card not only entails getting information from SF Employee Central and the employee’s profile.

With this feature, you can also get field information from SAP SuccessFactors’ Performance, Goals, and Succession Planning modules and combine them to build a comprehensive talent card.

For any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]
The Strato Team wishes you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

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