Webinar: Level up your SAP SuccessFactors Workflows with Strato Automate

Webinar: Level up your SAP SuccessFactors Workflows with Strato Automate

Workflow automation is a key capability in any HR Transformation project. SAP SuccessFactors delivered workflow is a good first step in the HR Transformation journey. A full transformation, however, requires additional workflow and integration capabilities to fully capitalize on the automation promise.

Watch this webinar to:

Learn how Strato integrates with SAP SuccessFactors.

Explore how Strato Automate can integrate to non SAP SuccessFactors systems to further extend workflow automation.

Find out how standard SAP SuccessFactors Workflow can trigger Strato Automate to fully automate your HR processes.

Discover how Strato Automate can intelligently route your documents for signature or approval for documents, such as Letters of Offer or Employee Lifecycle documents.

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View our latest webinar featuring SAP SuccessFactors Workflows and Strato Automate


Did you know that Strato helps conserve paper? Since its inception Strato has saved an estimated 200 trees or 2 million sheets of paper, and we are just getting started!

By automating the document generation process… we incrementally make a positive impact not only to our customers’ productivity metrics and cost savings. We also make our world – our only home – more livable not just for us, but also for the diverse species that inhabit it with us today and in the future.”

Gregory Tutt shares as SpinifexIT plants 200 trees to match the 200 trees saved by Strato Customers who chose to go paperless. Read the full story here.

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