Easy Migration

De-risk and accelerate your SAP Employee Central Payroll migration and implementation

SpinifexIT’s Easy Migration solution helps you derisk and accelerate your migration to Employee Central Payroll.

This integrated solution copies your payroll configuration from your existing SAP system, helps you copy Payroll and Employee data to complete your Payroll testing activities, and runs reports between your legacy system and test system to validate your completed payroll configuration before going live.

Optimize migration to Employee Central Payroll by over 90%

Easy Migration 2020-Migration time savings

What you can do with SpinifexIT's Easy Migration Solution

Identify and migrate payroll configuration to Employee Central Payroll

Speed up and de-risk the Migration or Implementation process

Securely migrate relevant employee info including payroll results, infotypes, etc. Current and historical results can also be copied in for testing purposes.

Use built-in reports to accelerate the validation of data between existing SAP systems

Easy Migration: How it works in 3 steps

Lift and Shift - Copy configuration icon

Step 1:
Copy payroll configuration

Identify and select the information you want to copy including, but not limited to Infotype Setup, Time Evaluation, Payroll Area Configuration, and other Country-specific payroll.

Use an internal testing tool to ensure that your migration is correct and complete before the live run.

Lift and Shift - Copy employees icon

Step 2:
Copy employees

Copy employee data and their corresponding payroll results without resorting to manual data extraction.

You also have the options to select the specific infotypes you wish to include, use a “sample data” to run your tests on, and enable data scrambling to remove any data privacy concerns.

Lift and Shift - Validate data icon

Step 3:
Validate payroll & employee data

Easily check if your new system is up and running perfectly by using several reports.

These examine and visually highlight the differences between the payroll results from your previous payroll system and Employee Central Payroll system.