Hiring: Full Stack Developer, MNL, PH

We're looking for a highly-skilled, strategic, and creative Full Stack Developer to join our innovations team.

Hiring: Full Stack Developer, MNL, PH

Hiring: Full Stack Developer, MNL, PH 150 150 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT believes that with the right solutions and the best people, we can help organizations across the globe achieve their HXM and Payroll goals. Part of this is making sure we hire and retain the right talents to support our continuous innovation and development plans across our solutions and platforms alongside SAP’s updates and new tech.

SpinifexIT is hiring a Full Stack Developer who will be working from BGC, Manila, Philippines. The Full Stack Developer will be closely working with SpinifexIT’s development team, Product Managers, and Support Team managing our cloud, hybrid, and on-premise solutions.

With the right skillset and experience across solutions planning, development, improvement, quality assurance and deployment, the Full Stack Developer will lead and manage large, strategic developments across SpinifexIT’s solutions suite.

Most compatible Full Stack Developers can…

  • Creatively and systematically work through and resolve solution issues across all levels
  • Communicate the problem, needs, and solutions clearly and succinctly across their respective teams, the Solution Architect team, and with Support as needed
  • Work autonomously to achieve their targets with minimum to no direct supervision.
  • Practice responsibility and accountability across the full scale of their work. Self-sufficiency is a huge plus.
  • Proactively create their own test data and execute quality assurance/ unit tests to oversee their development changes
  • Be a great team player – Full Stack Developers may also be needed to assist the Consulting and Support teams as a point of escalation to achieve Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Lend their help to debug to analyze functionality processing as needed
  • Apply the skills they learned while working in a similar industry (IT Consulting/ Software Development)

Desirable Full Stack Developer skillset:

  • Technical Skills – WEB
    1. Web Development experience on client side technologies
    2. Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Programing concepts (MVC and inheritance in particular)
    3. Actual experience with Frontend Frameworks like SAP UI5, Angular, Vue.js or ReactJS
    4. Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 , AJAX and JSON
    5. Understanding of AWS, Hana Cloud Platform or Multi Tenant Cloud based Product
    6. SAP UI5 experience and understanding preferred
    7. Additional desirable WEB skills: Typescript and NodeJS, OData Protocol, and knowledge of deployment procedure of an application and its configuration on AWS
  • Technical Skills -JAVA
    1. A very strong experience in JAVA development
    2. Knowledge of document generation libraries
    3. Understanding of Spring MVC
    4. Understanding of JPA
    5. Understanding of javascript (JQuery, AJAX, …)
    6. Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Programing concepts
    7. Additional desirable JAVA skills: Understanding of Hana Cloud Platform or Multi Tenant Cloud based Product and OData Protocol
  • Knowledge and expertise across the development lifecycle
  • Excellent understanding of Relational Database concepts and with good knowledge of MySQL database.
  • Experience with debugging live issues by connecting to a remote server and analyzing logs
  • Can easily troubleshoot issues and systematically work through end-user help desk problems/ queries.

Candidates for the Full Stack Developer Role should demonstrate…

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Passion to learn new skills for their own career advancement.
  • Keen eye for details to make sure that the development fits the whole project

Working at SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT  is an equal opportunity employer with a global talent pool from various experiences and backgrounds. We are committed to creating and cultivating an inclusive and safe environment where you can apply your skills, develop your passions, and make a great and lasting impact.

A generous package will be offered to the right candidate including bonus packages based on their individual merit and organizational success. 

Full Stack Developers may receive a compensation of PHP 80,000 – PHP 150,000 monthly, depending on their experience and expertise. HMO and Insurance benefits will be applied starting day 1 alongside their respective leave benefits accrual.

As a Full Stack Developer, you will be surrounded by like-minded geeks who strive to develop the best solutions – challenge yourself by joining our Hackathons and take your project to the next level. Grow your people and leadership skills, nurture your strengths and excel at what you’re really good at. SpinifexIT offers team building sessions and coaching that bring out the best in you.

SpinifexIT will provide you the latest technology- enjoy working with new solution innovations on your sparkling, brand new high end laptop.

As an industry leader, SpinifexIt offers opportunities for its team to grow in their respective career paths. Learn more about the SAP industry and how you can chart your career trajectory across the world’s fastest growing and largest data tech

The application process is straightforward. Upon submitting your profile, someone from the Recruitment Team will initiate an interview and a technical exam. Depending on your preliminary results, qualified candidates will be endorsed for a behavior, motivation and culture fit interview with the HR Manager and our Innovations Team. Upon qualifying, the Candidate shall receive their Job Offer letter containing their compensation and benefit information and full job description.

We’re inviting you to join our global team. Kindly update your CV and send your applications now through [email protected] or click here to quickly compose your e-mail and attach your profile. No Recruiters please.

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