Exploring SpinifexIT's HCM Migration Solutions

Understanding the differences and the benefits of their combination. 

You may be aware that SpinifexIT has migration and implementation solutions that accelerate the migration to a new system or help streamline an implementation. However, it is not always clear which tool is used. This overview will provide clarity on this matter.

The two SpinifexIT solutions are Easy Migration and Easy Go Live. Both have crucial use cases, but they are best used together in a migration to meet the majority of customers’ needs.

Please note: If you are conducting a new implementation (coming from a non-SAP environment), only the Easy Go Live solution would be relevant to this case.

What is Easy Migration?

Easy Migration is a solution used to selectively migrate HCM configuration from your existing SAP environment to a new SAP environment. It can move your configuration in a matter of hours instead of requiring a new implementation or months of manual table entry movement.

Easy Migration offers several features that not only facilitate system migration but also refine the new system. You can remap configuration to new ranges, such as aligning number ranges of wage types, and even merge multiple SAP systems together.

The solution targets HCM-specific configuration, including Payroll Schemas. All configuration is migrated to the new environment and packaged into transports, ready for migration throughout your landscape.

Additionally, Easy Migration provides limited capabilities to migrate up to 200 employees into the new system for initial testing purposes. It also allows for basic system comparisons for core payroll results.

With Easy Migration, you can streamline and expedite the migration process while ensuring accurate configuration transfer.

What is Easy Go Live?

Easy Go Live is focused on many of the tasks that the customer often needs to do in a migration or an implementation. Key features of Easy Go Live include:

The aim of Easy Go Live is to provide you with the best method to migrate your employees to the new environment and perform testing on them without the need for manual data creation or relying on Excel and other solutions.

Features and why they are best used together

In this fast-moving and busy world, equipping your teams with the right tools can save countless weeks or months of manual work.

When migrating to a new environment, using both Easy Migration and Easy Go Live is a winning combination. However, to help you understand the differences, we have compiled the following table.

HXM Migration Solutions Features_Graphic


In a migration to a new system, whether it involves a direct migration, an Employee Central implementation, or a complete system transformation, the combination of the two solutions, Easy Migration and Easy Go Live, will assist your team in swiftly transferring the configuration to the new system. However, equally important is the role of Easy Go Live in transitioning your employees to the new system and streamlining the entire testing process.

Darren Souter

Co-Founder & Product
Chief Technology Officer - Easy Suite

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