Easy STP

Get rid of your Single Touch Payroll-related worries with SpinifexIT

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has rolled out Single Touch Payroll (STP), an initiative to streamline the reporting of taxes and superannuation information on 1 July 2018. While some organisations were allowed to delay their adherence, every qualified company operating in Australia should be 100% compliant before the end of the current fiscal year.

This change in requirements means you will have to update and reconfigure your current payroll system and conduct a series of tests just to get it right. This takes a lot of time and effort to perfect and exposes your data to unnecessary risks. SpinifexIT’s Easy STP is the perfect solution to error-proof your payroll and ensure your ATO-compliance without going through the grueling process.

Easy STP Statement

Payroll Visibility, Managed

With a stronger demand for payroll information visibility, Easy STP helps you ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your employee information throughout the Single Touch Payroll process.

Continuously Monitor & Reconcile

Eliminate many time-consuming reconciliation activities through Easy STP‘s automated reports that review and identify any issues with your payroll and master data.

Spot incorrect configuration and missing data to avoid reporting issues prior to ATO reporting without manually going through multiple reports.

Avoid all the dirty work!

SpinifexIT’s Easy STP will continue to add value to your critical regular reconciliation processes to help keep your reporting accurate. Contact SpinifexIT today and have your STP-related concerns discussed.