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SpinifexIT Customers may start using our Customer Care Portal powered by Zendesk in less than 2 minutes!

Watch this short video to learn more about our Customer Care Portal, how to register, and how to maximize its features.

We highly encourage our existing customers to register using their work e-mail, otherwise, they will not be able to access some of our portal’s key features.

We only collect the following information in Zendesk: Full Name, E-mail address, and Company name. It is your choice if you wish to update your other profile details once registered in the system. Signing up means you will occasionally receive e-mails from SpinifexIT for solutions updates and webinar invitations on top of support ticket updates. You may unsubscribe from e-mail notifications without cancelling your Zendesk account.

We encourage SpinifexIT customers and Partners to join our Customer Care Portal to have access across our SpinifexIT solution how-tos, release information, tips & tricks, and more. The Customer Care portal also enables you to easily file a support or request ticket directly to our Customer Care team.

Our Customer Care hotlines:

For urgent requests, you may contact:

+ 1 300 667 187 (ANZ),

+ 1 800 480 6857

+44 080  8 189 0077

+65 3163 1065