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SpinifexIT Releases Major Updates Across SAP Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors Integrated Solutions
SpinifexIT Releases Major Updates Across SAP Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors Integrated Solutions 1024 576 SpinifexIT

The global HXM and Payroll solutions developer launches its latest solution release on October 8, 2021

You may view the original press release from EIN Presswire here.

Victoria, AU – Today, SpinifexIT announced the scheduled release of its second major 2021 software update (2021.R2). The update includes new solution features that accelerate payroll migration to the cloud, de-risk Employee Central Payroll implementations, improve SAP Payroll Control Center configuration abilities and extend the features available for the creation of robust SAP Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors reports. 

SpinifexIT Co-Founder and Global Solutions Architect Darren Souter says, “We continue to evolve our solutions based on our customers’ needs and over the last 12 months, we have shifted our priority to support our customers who are migrating to the cloud with HXM Move. This is why we have built out Easy Migration and Easy Go Live – two powerful Employee Central Payroll implementation solutions that offer huge time savings and dramatically reduce the cost and effort spent on payroll transformation.”

“I am incredibly proud of the continued growth and success of the Easy Suite solutions and how SpinifexIT continues to align its product vision and direction with the needs of the SAP customers.”

Darren Souter

New Features

The new solution update enables SpinifexIT customers to:

  • Further streamline and transform their cloud implementation and migration with Easy Migration and Easy Go Live through the addition of pre-delivered content and key features from SpinifexIT’s data copying solution, Easy Clone.
  • Have better flexibility and access to SAP SuccessFactors fields while building their custom reports with the Easy Reporter web reporting solution
  • Speed up their SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central data copying processes
  • Improve payroll reporting, error analysis, reconciliation, and employee inquiry resolution by integrating Easy Help Desk with Easy PCC, a solution built to easily implement and configure Payroll Control Center. 


The 2021.R2 release will be available to customers on October 8, 2021. You can learn more, schedule a demo, or upgrade to the latest SpinifexIT Easy Suite solutions by contacting [email protected].

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT believes that with the right technology and the right partner, you can accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors HXM and Payroll goals with confidence.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud HXM journey or you have already moved to the cloud, SpinifexIT’s innovative solutions will help guide you by driving Payroll and HR operational efficiency and automation, improving payroll processes, improving operational and transactional reporting, increasing data accuracy and anonymization, minimizing compliance risks, and supporting both migrations and new SAP SuccessFactors implementation projects.

SpinifexIT’s world class solutions are leveraged by many Fortune 500 companies worldwide and run on SAP’s on-premise, hybrid, and cloud platforms. The solutions include Easy Migration, Easy Go Live, Easy Reporter, Easy Clone and Strato Documents.

SpinifexIT is a certified SAP Partner and its solutions are available at the SAP Store.

SpinifexITs new solutions boos ECP migration implementation
SpinifexIT’s 2nd Solution Update for 2021
SpinifexIT’s 2nd Solution Update for 2021 600 401 SpinifexIT

Our latest release for this year (2021.R2) will be available on October 8, 2021.


Easy Go Live
Easy Migration

Migration to the Cloud (ECP or S/4HANA)

In 2020, we released two solutions that help our customers and partners streamline and transform their cloud implementations and migrations. Here are some updates for Easy Migration and Easy Go Live:

  • We have included the ability to set reason codes and case reference numbers to highlighted variances / differences.
  • We added pre-delivered content to streamline comparisons of a customer’s prior SAP system or for a non-SAP system.
  • We added automated mapping of employee numbers when comparing data to the old system.
  • Easy Go Live now links to Easy Clone Lite for limited employee cloning and Easy Help Desk Lite for investigation of errors.
Easy Reporter

More options to help you build your HXM & Payroll reports

We’ve included updates to Easy Reporter with a larger focus on SAP SuccessFactors reporting and better access to reports via the Web Reporting solution.

  • More flexible control over the timing of the import files.
  • Additional fields, tables, infotypes, and clusters to improve your Easy Reporter Web Reporting usage.
  • New SAP SuccessFactors selection fields (with SAP SuccessFactors Connector for Easy Reporter). 
    • Selection fields available on any report (even non-SuccessFactors reports)
    • Ability to select using the SuccessFactors hierarchy and filter the report based on the organizational structure
    • Buffering of selection data to improve performance
    • New selection fields also available in Web Reporting
  • Filter data after reports have been executed via Web Reporting.
Easy Clone

A faster way to copy your Payroll & SAP SuccessFactors employee data

Easy Clone enhancements include more options for Employee Central data copying as follows:

  • Speed up the data cloning process when you copy thousands of employees in a single transaction.
  • Improved audit logs to understand and troubleshoot issues with the copied data.
  • Customers who are upgrading may now copy from non-unicode to unicode systems.
Easy PCC

Migration to the Cloud (ECP or S/4HANA Streamlined Payroll reconciliation with our PCC solution

Easy PCC continues to evolve and offer more functionality to SpinifexIT customers:

  • Error analysis web reporting screens have been refined to ensure a better integration with the look and feel of the Payroll Control Center.
  • Ability to set alert dependencies which stops duplicate errors from being displayed if the employee was reported in another prior error.
  • Better control over advanced dates, which allows for error checks to look at more than just the current pay period.
  • Links to Easy Help Desk Lite for error investigation without the need for the full Easy Help Desk activation
  • Blank reports are now included in Easy PCC, which no longer require the full activation of Easy Reporter.


Contact the SpinifexIT Customer Care team or email us at [email protected]
to upgrade to the latest release.

Should you wish to request additional SpinifexIT training for your new team members
or if you are in need of a refresher, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

SpinifexIT Announces Significant Enhancements to Its Strato Document Generation Solution
SpinifexIT Announces Significant Enhancements to Its Strato Document Generation Solution 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Latest Strato release features additional workflow automation and document storage capabilities for employee lifecycle documents created with SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions

VICTORIA, Australia, Aug. 25, 2021 — SpinifexIT today announced the latest release of Strato, its innovative document management solution for SAP SuccessFactors.

The new release contains updates that enable even tighter integration with a customer’s HXM processes through the addition of highly customizable workflow automations and new document storage capabilities.  

Strato enables smart HR and Payroll document generation and automated communications directly from SAP SuccessFactors.

Each document workflow is flexible and can be modified to precisely fit an organization’s unique internal processes.

Strato eliminates the need for manual document generation and routing effort, making HR and Payroll processes more seamless and efficient. 

“With this release, we continue to add innovation to Strato. This update makes Strato even more equipped to cover the full employee document lifecycle – from document generation and distribution to storage – alongside SAP SuccessFactors workflow,” says Gregory Tutt, Strato Global Architect.

“Having this much flexibility allows Strato to be the preferred method of document generation, signing, and storage for SAP SuccessFactors customers.”

New Features

The new solution update also enables Strato customers to:

  • Leverage automated communications and triggers to further expedite document routing, approval, and e-signing processes
  • Strengthen data privacy compliance by setting automated document expiry and deletion dates 

  • Improve employee communications and engagement by making the movements and promotion process more transparent and seamless

  • Integrate Strato with 3rd party applications such CRM and internal ticketing systems


The new Strato release will be available to customers at the end of August.

To learn more about this update, you may view the full release summary here. Visit the Strato website for more information or purchase Strato directly from the SAP Store

View the full press release via EIN News.

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT is a leader in producing SAP-certified business process improvement SpinifexIT believes that with the right technology and the right partner, you can accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors HXM and Payroll goals with confidence.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud HXM journey or you have already moved to the cloud, SpinifexIT’s innovative solutions will help guide you by driving operational efficiency, improving critical reporting, increasing data accuracy, and minimizing compliance risks.

SpinifexIT is a certified SAP Silver Partner and its solutions are available at the SAP Store.

Learn more about SpinifexIT’s solutions at

Download the Strato brochure here

Strato 1.17 is going live this August!
Strato 1.17 is going live this August! 1008 740 SpinifexIT

Strato 1.17 – Going live this August!

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest update for Strato. Strato 1.17 includes new features around its workflow, dashboard, and storage functionality which further optimize your SAP SuccessFactors document generation.

Strato 1.17 will be deployed for UAT on August 29, 2021 and will go live on Production by mid-September. You may view the release calendar here.

New tools to extend SAP SuccessFactors document automation and compliance capabilities

Expedite your document’s routing, approval and e-signing process by setting time-based conditions in your Strato Workflow.

Trigger email reminders, automatically accept or reject changes and documents, and execute a corresponding workflow immediately after without any manual intervention.


• Auto-approve a Job Offer Letter on behalf of the Manager before proceeding with sending it to the Candidate

• Add an automated email reminder for a Candidate if they have not yet signed their Job Offer two days after receiving the letter. 

• Auto-reject the Job Offer Letter and stop the Recruitment Workflow process if the Candidate does not Accept / Reject the Job Offer Letter five days from its issue date

Improve your Data Privacy Compliance (GDPR, etc.) by adding document archiving and deletion automations.

Strato Storage can now allow Administrators to automatically change a document’s status based on their validity, expiry, and compliance laws.


• Automatically archive Performance Documents from two years ago

• An option to delete the digital documents of employees who are no longer in the company for 1 year

• Tag a document (Passport, ID, Visa) as “expired” once it gets past its validity date and send an automatic prompt to the Employee to renew 

Attach supporting documents into your approval workflow. HR may also attach PDF files to a document being sent for routing and e-signature.

This enables them to provide their recipients and signatories with the full information in line with the document they are reviewing and signing.


• Include a PDF copy of the Job Description alongside the Job Offer Letter for signature

• Attach the past Performance Evaluation results of an employee when routing the new Performance Forms to the Manager and Employee

• Append a new Total Compensation Statement alongside the Merit Increase acceptance process

Improve your HXM document generation and employee experience

Generate documents using the employee’s ‘pending’ data to aid during your Employee Movements and Change of Compensation discussions. Have the ability to show the employee their new Position Title, Compensation and Benefits package during your discussion.

Empower them to decide with the right information on hand before making it official. Integrate this process seamlessly into your workflow in this release.

Here’s how this feature works at a basic level.

Likewise, once the pending data has been approved in SAP SuccessFactors even for future effectivity, employees may generate a version of their documents that show their new information- as long as it has already been approved. 


• An employee is due for an increase on October 1, 2021. The increase has been approved as early as today, but will only reflect on the employee’s paycheck in October.

• Extend your managers’ reach. Allow people managers to generate documents both for their direct and indirect reports. 

• Integrate Strato with other 3rd party apps. Enable Strato to send and store a document in your CRM system (Salesforce, etc.), other parts of SAP SuccessFactors, or via SAP Archive Link.

Get the full release notes

Strato Release 1.16 – Strato Documents for SAP SuccessFactors
Strato Release 1.16 – Strato Documents for SAP SuccessFactors 1010 245 SpinifexIT

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to let you know that Strato 1.16 will go LIVE on UAT this Sunday, May 23rd, 2021. The update will be deployed on Production a couple of weeks after on June 5th, 2021.

Meet Strato Storage – View, Store and Retrieve your SAP SuccessFactors documents

Find out more about our latest document viewing and storage solution, Strato Storage.

Save your documents in a secure, cloud-based server that you can customize to follow every step of the employee’s HR lifecycle journey.

• Enable any time!

• Save and organize documents outside of the SAP SuccessFactors modules

• Store HXM files in a fully encrypted environment that is compliant with major data security protocols

• Easy folder management based on the employee’s journey or location may be customized at will

Strato Sign has a new look! Sign your SAP SuccessFactors HXM Documents on the go.

Strato Sign is an add-on solution for Strato Documents and Strato Workflow that enables your team to route documents for electronic signature without the need for third party applications and licenses. Strato Sign now comes with a new look and a unique Signature ID tracker to help you easily report on and validate employee signatures.

• Activate anytime instead of getting a separate e-signing tool!

• Sign for yourself / sign on behalf of someone else based on smart conditions

• Use the unique Strato Signature IDs to track and validate signed documents

See Strato Sign in Action and how it integrates with SAP SuccessFactors

What is Strato Sign?

Discover how Strato Sign can help you strengthen your security and compliance strategy

Check out the rest of our Strato 1.16 updates here.
Save the dates! View our full release calendar here.