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Optimizing Time and Increasing Efficiency

SpinifexIT enhances productivity through automating and streamlining processes


A department store chain operating in Australia and New Zealand, employs approximately 50,000 people across hundreds of stores.

The company is focused on operational efficiency and high product volumes.

SpinifexIT’s implementation of the Easy Clone solution has revolutionized the payroll efficiency of the company, automating and streamlining processes to enhance productivity.

The Challenge

A primary challenge for the department store is managing payroll effectively for such a large workforce. To improve efficiency, SAP SuccessFactors looked for ways to reduce payroll support costs.

The company deploys a full end-to-end SuccessFactors payroll solution, supported by technology services company DXC Technology, which processes the payroll.

In addition, the upcoming Australian government’s Single Touch Payroll 2 reporting requirement necessitated up-to-date data to test this SAP solution upgrade.

A major problem was the lack of up-to-date test data, which made it difficult and time-consuming to test new functionality and upgrades or troubleshoot production problems.

An employee commented that managing a workforce of this magnitude is a daunting task and that creating test data for the payroll system was taking up an excessive amount of time and resources.

The manual process was prone to errors and time-consuming, and there was no access to current data. The existing test data is removed from the system with any system refresh, creating privacy issues.


They realized that in order to accomplish its automation objectives, it required a tool easily accessible by all members of the team, and capable of:

Choosing The Right 


As a service provider for payroll, DXC Technology had already licensed SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter for its own internal use. This powerful and easy-to-use real-time reporting tool for SAP HCM is used by DXC to streamline most of their day to day reconciliation and reporting needs.

Thanks to this established relationship, and DXC Technology’s positive experience with Easy Reporter, SpinifexIT was a natural choice of partner with whom they could explore possible solutions to their challenges.

The team demonstrated how Easy Clone effortlessly duplicates and anonymizes both current and historical data from SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central within seconds. The software capabilities matched the extensive list of requirements from the customer.

In particular, they appreciated how Easy Clone empowers payroll teams to efficiently conduct secure testing and troubleshooting activities with updated, synchronized data, while simultaneously adhering to their organization’s data privacy standards.

Before finalizing the deal, the teams decided to run a Proof of Concept (PoC) to ensure that the proposed solution would be exactly what was needed. They agreed on clear success criteria for the PoC, which was successfully completed within 60 days, including setup of the environment and the cloning process, training of the teams and creation of the test data.



Implementing Easy Clone

Following the discovery meetings, demonstrations and PoC exercise, they decided to move forward with SpinifexIT Easy Clone. The company purchased Easy Clone for Employee Central (Lite version) including two full client copies per year and 3,000 individual copies per year.


The Results

The implementation went smoothly, and both the department store and DXC are delighted with Easy Clone, which has greatly reduced the time and effort involved in creating test data. With their new ability to selectively copy down subsets of data on demand, they can now thoroughly test all aspects of their payroll processing.

A staff member expressed their satisfaction with the flexibility and efficiency of the SpinifexIT team. They appreciated how the team took the time to fully comprehend their needs and helped reduce payroll support expenses by streamlining the data creation process while complying with legal privacy regulations.

Along with a quantifiable reduction in time and actual cost savings, they can now scramble the data after a copy and even scramble the entire system data after a complete client copy, eliminating the need for technical support every time. The system was implemented before the financial year’s end, providing up-to-date data for the compulsory Single Touch Payroll requirement.

The entire process including the POC, full implementation, client training, and handover took 14 days. SpinifexIT’s expertise in HR and payroll solutions, combined with exceptional customer service, ensured a smooth implementation of the Easy Clone solution for the customer.

This transformational solution has allowed them to streamline their processes, reduce costs and risks, and focus on other critical aspects of their business operations.

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