Easy Reporter Express Pack

Your Top SAP HCM / Payroll Reports delivered

We’ve created a way for you to easily access the TOP 15 in demand reports that reflect your SAP HR and SAP Payroll data real time.

Our Easy Reporter Express Pack makes it easier for small businesses, with up to 5,000 employees, take advantage of Easy Reporter’s robust SAP reporting features for their day-to-day business reporting needs, in a rapid, and simple, yet powerful way!

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Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this rapid deployment solution

How many reports are included?

The Easy Reporter Express Pack contains 15 pre-delivered reports that cover some of the most commonly requested HR & Payroll reports that include; Attendance / Absence reporting, GL Posting Reporting requirements, and HR / Payroll Master Data.

What kinds of organizations can benefit from this new product offer?

Organizations with up to 5,000 employees who are using SAP HR and Payroll and would like to increase their investment return in SAP by reducing manual efforts, empower their business users, and automate business processes around day to day reporting

How can I get access to these reports?

To see the power of the Easy Reporter Express Pack first hand, contact us
at info@spinifexIT.com for more information and a live demonstration.

Our highly experienced team can help get you started quickly and easily.

How much is the Easy Reporter Express Pack?

Pricing is designed to enable your organization to quickly move forward with a low-cost, yet very powerful reporting solution based on the number of employees in your organization. Please contact us at info@SpinifexIT.com to schedule a quick discovery call with one of our experts to learn how the Express Pack can help you without breaking the bank!

I have over 5,000 Employees. Can I use the Easy Reporter Express Pack?

While the Express Pack was designed for smaller businesses, you can contact us at info@SpinifexIT.com to schedule a quick discovery call with one of our experts. We offer a wide range of solution options to fit every size and budget and we will help you find the right reporting solution option for your mid-size to larger organization! Any organization who has the need to improve their SAP investment by decreasing cost and efforts around
their day to day reporting from HR and Payroll can benefit from SpinifexIT solutions.

Will I get discounts if I upgrade to the FULL Easy Reporter Suite?

Of course! The price of the Easy Reporter Express Pack will be deducted from your full Easy Reporter suite contract value. You can always let us know if you’re ready to get the full upgrade and we’ll make it happen for you. 


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Easy-to-implement Rapid Deployment Solution

  • It takes just a day to get started!

Value for money

  • Small companies looking for an easy way to report on their SAP HR and Payroll data will find that the Easy Reporter Express Pack is a much cheaper, more efficient way than building their much needed reports from scratch.

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