Easy Clone

Quickly Copy and Scramble SAP HCM and Employee Central Records in Seconds

Easy Clone lets you copy current and historical employee data and results from one SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central environment to another in seconds. It creates a fast and secure way for organisations to expedite their testing and troubleshooting activities. Control specific records and data fields to copy and scramble to protect your data’s integrity while reducing the time spent on updating your HR and Payroll systems significantly.

Take a look at how Easy Clone can extract and copy data from SAP Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central — in only four steps!

Reduce Testing Efforts

Streamline your HCM and Payroll upgrade enhancement pack testing process by automating the generation and scrambling of your test data.

Copy From Cloud & On-Premise

Copy and scramble data from both SAP HCM and SuccessFactors’ Employee Central with just a button press. Easy Clone seamlessly integrates between the two systems, making it easier for you to finish upgrade testing in less time while ensuring all the data you need can be included.

Protect Data Integrity

Your data will never leave your SAP / SAP SuccessFactors system while you scramble and mask sensitive fields and results. Avoid expensive audit findings caused by exposure of sensitive information and manual data manipulation.

Significantly Reduce Time Spent On Testing

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The Fast, Secure Way to Copy and Scramble data from SAP HCM and Employee Central

Control which records and data fields are copied. Confidential information like salary, personnel number, social insurance information and custom EmployeeCentral MDF can be selected, cloned, and scrambled with just a button press. Switch between SAP HCM and SAP SucessFactors data sources seamlessly or use both in one go.

Optimise your testing processes and protect your data integrity with Easy Clone.

Copy master data from multiple sources

Finish upgrade testing in less time

Scramble sensitive employee data

Use existing SAP authorisations

Eliminate human error, reduce audit risk

Eliminate the need for custom development




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Significantly Reduce Time Spent On Testing

A customer recently tracked the time they spent on copying test data and results for their recurring SAP HCM and Payroll system updates. They spent 96 hours to complete all of their requirements. With Easy Clone, the time spent was reduced to just 1 hour. The end result was a 90% or greater reduction in copy time, and a more efficient testing processes.

Reduce time using Easy Clone