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Strato: Automating key processes and driving business efficiency
Strato: Automating key processes and driving business efficiency 1008 740 SpinifexIT

A mining company saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in cost by streamlining its recruitment process with Strato. Find out how.

Strato is the featured solution in this SpinifexIT Customer Success Story. We’ll talk in particular about how a global mining company overcame their recruitment and shared services challenges and save resources by using the solution.

The Challenge

A mining company with thousands of employees globally has a high recruitment volume. Normally, they produce 30,000 job offer letters yearly. On top of that, they have a database of 250 offer letter templates, all manually created by a shared services staff. This setup would often lead to entering incorrect data or using the wrong template, which would lead to more mistakes or issues down the line.

The Solution: Strato

In 2019, the company implemented Strato, a cloud-based solution that automates SAP SuccessFactors document generation and management processes. It helps HR and payroll teams streamline the process of creating, routing, sending and storing employee documents.

The Result

Since using the solution, the company has made significant savings, maximized their efforts and resources, improved employee satisfaction, and even made a significant environmental impact.

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The Numbers with Strato

$500K AUD

first-year savings
in annual operating costs

$1.5M AUD

cost savings


in process efficiency

Explore how SpinifexIT helped this company transform its recruitment process.

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