Network Administrator


  • Have a very good understanding of Network Infrastructure, IT security and Amazon Web Services
  • At least 2 years of experience as a Network Administrator
  • Motivated and has a passion to learn new skills and keep up with new technology.
  • Has a knack for solving problems and anticipating any potential issues
  • Huge +++ for SAP experience and expertise in Linux / Unix.
  • A skilled communicator
  • Willing to work full-time in BGC, Taguig on a shifting schedule

The SpinifexIT Network Administrator has a diverse role in the SpinifexIT company. They shall act as a System Administrator, Basis Resource, and IT Security and Support. This Jack-or-Jill-of-all-trades will also handle Amazon Web Services Projects. Candidates who have hands-on experience in SAP would have the edge.


The Network Administrator will be the main point of contact for maintaining, installing, upgrading and monitoring technical requirements across multiple systems within SpinifexIT. This includes several cloud solutions hosted in Amazon and over 15 SAP environments in varying versions (4.6C, 4.7, ECC 6, EHP 3, 5, 7 and 8), including EHO7, SAP HANA and MS SQL – all hosted on Amazon servers.

They will oversee SpinifexIT’s general ongoing key activities such as monitoring the performance of the cloud solutions (Amazon, SAP Cloud Platform), securing different applications on AWS, implementing security measures such as single-sign-on across different servers and services, providing support to customers (internal, mostly) in line with running our Cloud Solutions and leading internal projects that focus on general IT security, access management, back up and disaster recovery and connectivity.

Being a single point of contact, the Network Administrator should also have a working knowledge on internal software and services including Salesforce, Google Apps, Windows, Adobe Apps, etc. to name a few.

SpinifexIT may be a small team, but our solutions support over five million users worldwide. Some degree of flexibility and adaptability are required for the role. With a “must do, must deliver” attitude, you will no doubt be a good fit to our team.

Opportunities available: 1

Please send your applications before March 22, 2019

Needed: ASAP / May 2019

We understand that you may need to tender your resignation / clear with your current employer, but we'd appreciate if you can factor this in and inform us in advance during the interview.