SpinifexIT announces major Strato updates to enable customers to maximize their SAP SuccessFactors investment

SpinifexIT announces major Strato updates

SpinifexIT announces major Strato updates 150 150 SpinifexIT

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The latest Strato release improves compliance with legislative and data privacy requirements and enhances process efficiency, speed, security, and user experience.

Customers of Strato, the innovative document generation solution from SpinifexIT, can now benefit from significant enhancements to the platform, including improved data privacy compliance through Strato Storage, the company announced today. Strato enables smart HR and Payroll document generation and automated communications directly from SAP SuccessFactors to help SAP customers make the most of their SAP investment.

The new updates include SpinifexIT’s latest version of Strato Storage, which enables HR teams to easily and securely view, store and retrieve documents, letters, and forms from the cloud.

This latest Strato release – Strato 1.19 – substantially improves storage and document retention, and legislative and data privacy compliance, enables dynamic number formatting, and allows customers to improve process efficiency and build custom forms.

The new features include:

Expanded compliance and document retention options in Strato Storage

SpinifexIT’s Strato Storage allows users to quickly store HCM documents.  

Compliance with document legislative and data privacy obligations

A key improvement in the latest version is enhanced compliance with document legislative and data privacy obligations. Strato Storage now allows users to retain and access documents relating to employees with pending claims, disputes, or litigation issues, even after employees have left the company.  Strato Storage is aligned with global and local legislation across data retention and privacy requirements such as GDPR.

Easier Document Retrieval

Since its initial release, SpinifexIT has significantly expanded and improved the Strato Storage functionality, including integrating Strato Storage across automated workflows, to make finding documents easier. 

Compatible with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, Talent, and Employee Central, Strato Storage integrates fully with Strato Documents and Strato Automate, allowing organizations to embed it into their existing Strato investment at the click of a button. 

The new functionality included in Strato 1.19 allows for better document tagging and categorizing files within Strato Storage.  SpinifexIT will also add improved search functionality in the second half of 2022.

Single Screen View

Strato storage offers a flexible, centralized, single-screen view of all available documents in relevant folders across every SAP Successfactors module via the Strato dashboard from the SAP SuccessFactors home page, including job offer letters and contracts for both HR teams as well as employees when allocated the necessary self-service access.

Strato administrators can also assign permissions to employees so they can easily upload their documents to complete their digital Personnel file in Strato Storage, and also download them, in a fully protected environment compliant with major data security protocols using the latest data encryption.

Strato update quote by Greg Tutt

In addition to improvements to the Strato Storage module, SpinifexIT has introduced a number of other improvements to the Strato Suite. These include:

Dynamic number formatting in Strato Documents

Creating documents with multiple clauses is now much simpler in Strato 1.19. Previously, Strato users could only enumerate document clauses using a conventional numbering format. With this new release, document designers can enumerate clauses and add sub-clauses while applying business rules to show or hide specific content – especially useful when creating contracts and other legal documents that require multiple stipulations.

Improved process efficiency across the Strato Suite

This latest Strato release enables customers to include more actions into their custom workflow to further expedite the document management process. For example, users now have the option to strengthen data privacy compliance by setting automated document expiry and deletion dates, and automatically deactivate terminated employees. They can also integrate Strato with third-party applications such as CRMs and internal ticketing systems.

Gregory Tutt, Strato Global Architect at SpinifexIT says, “We’re thrilled to share with you the latest updates across the Strato Suite. Our focus for this release is the improvement of the security and compliance aspects of Strato Storage which provides organizations with a more secure and streamlined way to manage their employee documents. Aside from this, we’ve also made enhancements to improve Strato’s speed, security, and ease of use.

We are committed to our goal of making Strato the preferred solution for SAP SuccessFactors customers to manage their employee documents and storage. This is only the first of a number of major enhancements we will deliver over the coming months.”


The new Strato release will be available to customers on July 9 2022. Visit the Strato Website for more information or purchase Strato directly from the SAP Store

To take advantage of the new features, which are free to implement, and upgrade to the latest version, customers should submit a request to the SpinifexIT Customer Care team.

Customers can also learn more, schedule a demo, or upgrade to the latest SpinifexIT Easy Suite solutions by contacting [email protected].

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