Easy PCC

Streamline your Payroll Control Centre implementation with SpinifexIT’s PCC Integrated Solution

Easy PCC is an add-on Solution to the SAP Payroll Control Center Solution that streamlines PCC implementation and provides additional functionality for your organization’s specific payroll scenarios without the need to create custom code.

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Simplify your PCC implementation

A typical implementation requires functional (Configuration) and technical (Development) resources where most of the required configuration is built around error validation checks.

While some out-of-box solutions offer pre-delivered content, most customers still require around 15- 20 custom validation checks to verify their payrun which requires additional development. This may take 2-3 months to complete.

With Easy PCC, the majority of the complex setup such as error checks and KPIs are already included and accessible through its easy-to-use Interface. Any further change can be done by the Customer themselves.

Easy PCC is powered by Easy Reporter which gives the customer the ability to easily modify or create error checks and KPIs.

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Build your own Error Checks and KPIs

A faster, simpler Payroll Control Center implementation

Improve your current pay run execution

Investigate the errors directly inside of the Payroll Control Center

Improve your data visibility through real time reporting

Maximize your SAP and SAP SuccessFactors investment

Keep current with future releases and updates

Integrate with Easy PCC with the rest of your SpinifexIT solutions suit




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