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SpinifexIT Names Brendon Andrews-Warmuth VP for Product Enablement and Delivery (EMEA)
SpinifexIT Names Brendon Andrews-Warmuth VP for Product Enablement and Delivery (EMEA) 1024 752 SpinifexIT

View the full press release at EIN Presswire.

Frankfurt, Germany – SpinifexIT Deutschland GmbH announced today the appointment of Brendon Andrews-Warmuth as Vice President for Product Enablement and Delivery, EMEA.

Brendon will oversee the company’s product enablement and solution delivery in EMEA and MEE and his appointment is a key milestone in SpinifexIT’s continued growth strategy across both regions.

Brendon Andrews-Warmuth joined SpinifexIT in 2016. His extensive strategic expertise with SAP Payroll and HR, SAP SuccessFactors, the SpinifexIT solutions, and technology market skills enabled Brendon to provide immediate value to SpinifexIT’s expanding customer base in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region. 

In 2018, Brendon transferred to SpinifexIT Deutschland GmbH as a Regional Solution Architect where he was integral to the expansion of SpinifexIT’s customer and partner engagement ecosystem, as well as its local consulting and delivery practice. 

Brendon will report to Mathew Katakis, SpinifexIT Chief Operating Officer and will oversee the expansion of the SpinifexIT solutions in the EMEA region. In this role, Brendon will be responsible for leading solution enablement for our customers and partners and ensuring alignment with SAP’s HXM strategy and global SaaS best practices.

Mathew Katakis says, “SpinifexIT has always been a customer-first company and strategic partner of SAP. This strategic decision is in line with our mission to be the leading global provider of software solutions for SAP Payroll, HR and SAP SuccessFactors customers. Brendon’s extensive solution architecture and consulting background as well as his customer engagement skills will help SpinifexIT strengthen its value proposition in the market and further expand its foothold in the EMEA and MEE regions.“

Brendon’s extensive solution architecture and consulting background as well as his customer engagement skills will help SpinifexIT strengthen its value proposition in the market and further expand its foothold in the EMEA and MEE regions.

Mathew Katakis

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT believes that with the right technology and the right partner, you can accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors HXM and Payroll goals with confidence.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud HXM journey or you have already moved to the cloud, SpinifexIT’s innovative solutions will help guide you by driving Payroll and HR operational efficiency and automation, improving payroll processes, improving operational and transactional reporting, increasing data accuracy and anonymization, minimizing compliance risks, and supporting both migrations and new SAP SuccessFactors implementation projects.

SpinifexIT’s world class solutions are leveraged by many Fortune 500 companies worldwide and run on SAP’s on-premise, hybrid, and cloud platforms. The solutions include Easy Migration, Easy Go Live, Easy Reporter, Easy Clone and Strato Documents. SpinifexIT is a certified SAP Partner and its solutions are available at the SAP Store.

Brendon Andrews-Warmuth

Brendon Andrews-Warmuth

VP for Product Enablement and Delivery, EMEA

Payroll Heroes 2021
Payroll Heroes 2021 1024 576 SpinifexIT

This 2021 International Payroll Day, we’re putting the limelight on our Payroll Heroes!

Payroll heroes are experts who work hard at making sure payday arrives without any problems. These specialists are the workplace’s unsung champions. Working behind the scenes, they ensure error-free payrolls to ensure the team can focus on what it does best.

Payroll Hero

Sara Rivera

BASF Corp.

1. What do you love about what you do?

As a payroll professional it’s amazing to know that
payroll is doing their part and keeping our colleagues happy so that they can focus on the work
they need to do. Getting people paid is my passion and leading a strong team.

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

Leading a team during COVID. Working together towards a smooth transition as we all worked from home and not once compromising the excellent services we provide to our colleagues.


3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

SpinifexIT has been the tool for all our payroll needs. From running OT reports, to audit reporting of our payroll runs which allows us to process our payrolls timely and accurately.


Payroll Hero

Judi Fabrizi

Swagelok Manufacturing

1. What do you love about what you do? 

With such trying times we live in, having the opportunity to help both our current employees and previous employees understand the impacts to them on their payroll and ensure they have the documentation requested on a timely basis.

2. As a payroll specialist, what are your proudest achievements?

Within our organization, to review our entire process flow for opportunities to optimize and improve our process to mitigate any risks of our payroll not exceeding our organization and employees expectations. This required six months of evaluation and testing to achieve our goal.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run a perfect payroll?

Running a SpinifexIT report in seconds over the extended time in our payroll system allows us to respond to requests both within our organization and third party requests. With a small staff within our Department, time is money and the faster the better!

Explore the solutions that have helped our #PayrollHeroes consistently deliver great work.

Easy Reporter

Build, schedule and send HR & Payroll reports on-time.

Easy Documents 2020 logo

Easy Documents

Produce custom employee documents, statements, and letters using your latest HR & Payroll information.

Easy Help Desk 2020 logo

Easy Help Desk

Empower your team to confidently and quickly address HR and payroll inquiries.

Easy Documents 2020 banner


Take advantage of additional configuration checks and proactive reconciliation features to run perfect payrolls.

Easy Balance 2020 logo

Easy Balance

Validate data and eliminate errors in your US and Canadian SAP payroll and tax reconciliation.

Easy STP 2020 logo

Easy STP

Ensure your payroll is error-free and ATO-compliant — minus all the trouble.

SpinifexIT uses Strato to give employees 24/7 document access
SpinifexIT uses Strato to give employees 24/7 document access 1024 576 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT Philippines Senior HR Manager Nico Gasendo talks about how Strato has helped the company streamline its document generation process.

As an HR practitioner for over 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity of working for more than five companies from different industries. While working for them, I discovered that the tools and systems they used varied depending on the industry. 

Throughout my career, I’ve experienced challenges brought about by performing manual processes. I’ve become accustomed to using homegrown systems, locally created tools, and international software systems. Little did I know then the stigma of using a fully automated tool would take a turn for the best.

Using Strato Documents

Now here I am at SpinifexIT, an organization creating smart software solutions that “make complex processes simple.” While being introduced to SpinifexIT’s HCM and payroll products, one particular software caught my attention. It has the capability to simplify document generation and routing, and this made me eager to use it internally as part of the HR tool kit.

I got to learn more about this tool – Strato Documents – and I was so amazed by what it could do! It made me excited to create more documents that we could launch for automation. On the first day of my training session with Strato brainchild, Gregory Tutt, I learned why Strato is a one-of-a-kind product. From what I’ve seen, it is a great tool for solving automation and document storage problems. Using Strato means limited human intervention, superior efficiency and convenience in just a few clicks.

Optimizing the process

Take a Certificate of Employment (COE) request, for instance. For most organizations, the process looks like this:

From here, you can see the gaps almost immediately. But what if I told you that you can get your COE using Strato in just a few seconds? Isn’t that great? Here’s how with one click where everything matters:

It’s definitely a whole new experience with Strato. Not only is it easy to use, but it also maximizes functionalities and respects business limitations. It’s a modern day mail merge tool, but even better tenfold, and way convenient!

What you can do with Strato

Strato can automate the creation and distribution of most employee lifecycle documents. This includes recruitment documents – job offers, contracts, employee movement, talent cards – to exit and off-boarding documents, among others.

You can use Strato to design your templates, change fonts, and assign data sources to your documents. It’s just like creating a normal document template. And for that, you only need three things. First, a data source, in order to trigger the workflow engine. Second, document and email verbiages, to create templates. Third, a workflow, to base the document routing and approval process.

Not only that:

  • Its ecosystem provides a reusable feature that eliminates duplicate templates. It can even convert other types of documents for data assignment.
  • The software has the capability to send follow-up messages on pre-set conditions to guide your actions on a particular work process.
  • Strato has storage that acts as a secure file management system. This is for you to recycle information, use information as sources, and organize files that contain information with a searchable database for quick retrieval.

Looking ahead

Overall, Strato offers a faster, more convenient and optimized way to ensure employees have access to key HCM documents. What more can you ask for?

It’s with Strato I’ve seen the most ideal process of automating document management and communications. This is a process I like to call: optimized document automation. And for any organization, it is a big step forward in business transformation when it uses its tools built for others.

Currently, we’re working on different documents and exploring options to better implement Strato as part of the HR process. This will allow us to better provide HR support across the organization – minus all the paperwork.


Nico Gasendo
SpinifexIT Senior HR Manager

SpinifexIT women's month
Celebrating Women’s Month every day
Celebrating Women’s Month every day 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Women’s Month is never just a monthly celebration at SpinifexIT.

Every day, we celebrate women by providing opportunities for them to excel in their professional and personal pursuits.

In this Women’s Month feature, we put the spotlight on two of our hardworking Manila-based team members, Janine Calaunan-Santos and L.A. Menard. Here, they talk about how they cope with working from home during the pandemic while still having time for their passions.

Janine Calaunan-Santos

Even before the pandemic, my setup at home hasn’t changed. I’m a hands-on mom taking care of her son and the household, managing the office and making sure projects and tasks are submitted on time, and running during my free time.

Even though I’m mostly working at home now, it has become more difficult to be able to keep up with all my responsibilities. That’s why I always keep this in mind: “Anything – even a job that seemed to be unreachable can be attained if you have discipline, motivation and time management”.  

I make sure to be consistent. With running, I never turn that alarm off and go back to bed. I keep my running schedule, as this helps me get through my day.

I list all my “to-dos” at home and at work, even the simplest ones, and then prioritize. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but for me, making a list and ticking small boxes work well and keep me from missing a deadline.

I add a small window of “spare time” to stop, step back and view the entire picture at home and at work. This way, I am able to do my daily tasks and see if anything is missing. This lets me create additional activities, find what is still needed, and make room for improvement.

L.A. Menard

As a working-mother and a provider, I definitely have challenges every day managing and juggling work, motherhood, the household and personal passions such as fitness. 

That said, I’m grateful to have the flexibility to work from home and also have all the tools I need to be able to get my job efficiently. Of course, there are still inevitable distractions that impact my workflow and focus.

With discipline, support from family and friends, and knowing what to prioritize however, I’m able to organize and complete my tasks without being burned out. I get to be productive and also have quality time with my son and myself, which I’m very thankful for.

Read the special message for Women’s Month written by SpinifexIT’s CFO Christina’s Mulcair here.

Janine Calaunan-Santos

Office Manager


L.A. Menard

Lead Documentation Writer


A Women’s Intl Day Message from SpinifexIT CFO Christina Mulcair
A Women’s Intl Day Message from SpinifexIT CFO Christina Mulcair 150 150 SpinifexIT

Born in an economically liberal but culturally conservative place in Southeastern China, I was lucky to have a father who believes in education for women.

While other parents spent their money on material things (for example, a bigger, expensive TV),  my father spent a big portion of his hard earned money on the education of his three children (And yes, despite the one-child policy, I have a younger sister and a younger brother and that’s another story). 

The most frequent question my father received in those days from other parents, is why he spent so much money on sending daughters to good schools? “They will marry a man and then have kids and so there is no use for a good education”. That was the typical thoughts of most parents in that generation in the place I was growing up. As you can imagine, my father had to defend his decision, but as you can also imagine, my sister and I had to “perform” to prove my father right and those parents wrong – that women’s education is critically important, not only for the individuals and the family, but also for organisations and our society as a whole.

Fast forward so many years, society has come a long way in terms of gender equality. No parents today will choose a TV over their daughters’ education. As I rise up the corporate ladder, I have worked for female leaders and male leaders, worked with female peers and male peers and have built teams and led teams of both sexes. However, the sad fact is that today, there still aren’t many female senior leaders out there. As I rise up the corporate ladder, I have worked more and more with male leaders, male peers and male subordinates. Like so many female senior leaders, I wondered where these women went and why they disappeared?

Society has come a long way in terms of gender equality. No parents today will choose a TV over their daughters’ education. As I rise up the corporate ladder, I have worked for female leaders and male leaders, worked with female peers and male peers and have built teams and led teams of both sexes. However, the sad fact is that today, there still aren’t many female senior leaders out there. As I rise up the corporate ladder, I have worked more and more with male leaders, male peers and male subordinates. Like so many female senior leaders, I wondered where these women went and why they disappeared?

This article is not an attempt to solve this big problem of our time, but I would like to share some practical learnings and tips from my corporate experience and encourage you to share your thoughts about how to advance women in their career.

For male leaders

  • Please feel free to challenge a female leader by asking her views about the world economy, US-China trade war, global warming, post COVID world, vaccinations, mission to Mars etc, etc etc, instead of just asking her how she manages her work-life balance. There is nothing wrong with this question, it’s just we female leaders have been asked too many times in our career and we got tired of assumptions that ‘family balance’ is a bigger limitation or concern for us than it would be to a man.
  • Instill confidence in your female team members by creating opportunities for them to stretch and help them gain necessary experience and skills. Mentoring and sharing your experience and how you view things is extremely beneficial for their career development.
  • Recognise the native genius (as defined in the book “Multipliers’) in women. Leverage that native genius. Women are so much better at certain things than men!
  • Do not assume. At every decision point when you need to select people for a task, a project or a role, compare candidates based on merit. If you have concerns, ask for clarification, instead of making assumptions. I have seen women miss out opportunities for promotion at other companies, because their male managers assume that their performance will be compromised because they are starting a family or have started a family. Family and work are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they both enrich our lives and stretch our capabilities.
  • Promoting and encouraging women does NOT have to mean that we downplay or ignore the achievements of men. Rather, it is about recognizing the performance of men and women, highlighting the strengths of both sexes, and how they can be utilised together to achieve the best possible outcome.

For females who want to have a corner office

  • Nice girls do not get the corner office. Stop trying to please others. Young ladies out there, please pick up this book, “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office”, read it and have a good laugh at ourselves. This book may get you the corner office if this is what you want.
  • Put yourself forward for opportunities, challenges, projects and promotions. If you do not, your male counterpart will. Males put their hand up for opportunities when they are 50% ready, but females need to wait until they are 90% ready or have done a previous job that’s 90% similar. Please, ladies, when you are 50% ready, you are already good enough for the job. The rest is just selling! Our CEO Darren Pithie would say 80% is just selling!
  • Master the power of delegating, not only at work but also at home. I know you are the best at what you do, but try not to do everything yourself. Let everyone do their share, and let everyone learn to suffer others’ imperfection better!
  • Conserve your energy. A career is not a sprint but a marathon. In many stages of women’s life, we need a heightened level of energy; in our personal lives (such as the birth of a child and looking after the young one), and in our working lives (such as working on a project that will determine the next step in your career). It is really important that you pace yourself correctly over this long journey. Do not let trivial things bother you and waste your energy. Conserve your energy so when you need it the most, it’s there.
  • Broaden your horizons and develop genuine curiosity about the bigger world surrounding our small world. This is especially important when a milestone of your life has been achieved; this is often when we develop the tendency to stop broadening our horizons!

The tech industry struggles to attract women due to years of underdevelopment of the female talent pipeline from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

Fortunately, Spinifex has numerous successful female leaders who are at the front line of customer engagement, project delivery and corporate support functions. As a company, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for women’s career development and advancement. 

I am very proud to report that we have an equal percentage of employees who won the Employee of the Quarter award that started in FY2017, despite a smaller percentage of females in the employee population in our company. This is not an artificial design but a genuine demonstration of the performance of our female employees. I am proud of the achievements of all of our female employees. Well done, ladies!

In the Payroll/HR function of our customers, we work with a large number of female leaders, stakeholders and users. Women in our company are uniquely positioned to understand and feel our customers’ pain, help our customers solve their problems and make an impactful difference at Spinifex for our customers’ success. 

Let’s all advance the cause of gender equality! Happy International Women’s Day!


Christina Mulcair

Chief Financial Officer


Running Payroll in 2021: Learn from Rizing’s e-book, Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign Payroll with SAP SuccessFactors
Running Payroll in 2021: Learn from Rizing’s e-book, Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign Payroll with SAP SuccessFactors 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Explore payroll challenges and trends in the latest e-book released by our partner, Rizing HCM!

Rizing has recently published a comprehensive e-book talking about payroll challenges and upcoming trends and how they can support your business.

It also showcases case studies and customer success stories showing how a transparent, streamlined payroll process alongside payroll data visibility can do wonders for your company.

What’s inside the eBook:

• The Scary Thing About Payroll
• Challenged to Rethink the Payroll Function
• Reimagining Payroll
• Trends in Payroll for a New Decade
• Cloud Offers Distinct Business Advantages
• Redesign Payroll – Deciding to Change
• Case Study – National Bank of Canada
• Choosing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll
• Is Best-In-Class Limited to Large Multi-Nationals?
• Why this Matters – It’s More than Table Stakes


About Rizing


Rizing is a global company that operates in NA, EMEA and APAC and specializes in HCM services and proprietary apps that leverage the SAP Cloud Platform.

HR documents
Why HR document access is crucial during a crisis
Why HR document access is crucial during a crisis 1024 576 SpinifexIT

How the COVID crisis has changed the way we work and shown that quick access to HR documents is crucial.

On March 16, 2020, a community-wide enhanced quarantine (ECQ) was imposed in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines. This move was part of the government’s efforts to flatten the COVID19 infection curve.

While rules were eased starting May 16th, restrictions were still put in place for the ‘modified enhanced community quarantine’ (MECQ).

During the ECQ, a civilian’s movements were restricted. They could only go out for necessities – getting groceries, medicines, going to the hospital, sorting their banking needs. That’s it. Only frontliners, as defined by the government’s IRR, were allowed to regularly go out and proceed with business as usual. 

When quarantine protocols were modified, the MECQ presented new challenges for workers returning to their workplace. To report to work, they had to present the following: 

  1. Their city-issued Quarantine Pass
  2. Two, or at least one valid Government ID
  3. Their Company ID stating their office’s address for verification
  4. And a signed Certificate of Employment (COE)

The fourth requirement might sound basic. However, in the Philippines, where traditional HR processes are still a norm, securing a signed Certificate of Employment during ECQ can be difficult. Here’s why:

Employees still have to email HR to request for a copy of their COE. Even during regular business days, this takes days for HR to produce as it is not considered their top priority. Most of the time, they would rather be focused on running payroll and getting pay and benefits right.

Issuing HR documents such as COEs is a time-consuming administrative task that is often overlooked and under-appreciated… until it becomes a requirement for everyone.

Such is the case now, at least, in Metro Manila. Without a COE proving that you work at Company ABC, you’ll be sent home, penalized.

Having access to your HR documents 24/7 is not just a ‘nice-to- have’ perk. It is a necessity – regardless of circumstances. 

So this is how we do it at SpinifexIT. 

Anytime, anywhere, on my mobile phone or laptop, I’ll just log in to my SuccessFactors for instance. I’ll click a tiny box that says Strato, and then select “Certificate of Employment.”

I’ll download it or mail it to myself, so I’ll have a copy of it with me all the time. 

I didn’t have to contact our HR Manager, I didn’t have to wait for a few days to get a copy of my document.

I just logged in, downloaded – and then printed. Done.

This is why applications and solutions developed with a built-in Employee Self Service (ESS) option should be put under the spotlight more.

Times like these where we have to be self-sufficient may be ‘rare,’ but here we are now.

Aspects of what we’ve dreamed of as part of “the future ways of working” will be integrated to business as usual during and after COVID-19.

The best practices we apply now to improve the employee experience by giving them better access to their Employee Lifecycle Documents should be part of the ‘new normal.’ Not just because it’s convenient, but because it simply works.

Not using SAP SuccessFactors?
Strato Documents can create and send your employee documents with a MS Excel CSV file or a Google Sheets link as its own data source.

If you’re interested in Strato to give your employees easy access to their most needed documents, contact us at [email protected].

Take your Employee Central Payroll system to the next level (Part 2)
Take your Employee Central Payroll system to the next level (Part 2) 1024 576 SpinifexIT

In this blog, we’ll step back to consider some of the challenges during implementation, both for existing on-premise customers deciding to migrate to Employee Central Payroll (ECP) and for new Customers planning to implement ECP.  

This blog will focus on the Payroll Migration, but of course, you still need to implement Employee Central.

If you already have Employee Central implemented and connected to your on-premise solution, then the migration process could be much simpler as you may be able to just focus on the ECP side and know that the Employee Central configuration and setup is already there.

This blog comes with a FREE planning checklist.
Download it here and use it as your guide.

Moving from On-Premise? Implement, Reimplement or Migrate your Payroll

Many companies who are looking to move to Employee Central Payroll will be existing SAP On-Premise customers. If you fall into this category, you need to consider how much of your existing Payroll configuration and setup you would want to move to the Employee Central Payroll Solution.

SpinifexIT_April 2020 blog_Taking your Employee Central Payroll system to the next level part 2_Cost vs risk

Migrate your System

The intent of the migration is to move your configuration, and historical employee data (including payroll history) to the new Employee Central Payroll solution with the aim that it will run with minimal changes. This means less re-configuration, less testing and that you can continue to use your new system to report historical data.

Reimplement your Payroll

In some cases, customers may have areas that they have felt have always been a challenge.

For example: There may be an old configuration you wish to remove, or you want to reconfigure some payroll rules to operate differently. 

This is often a perfect time to do this as you have a project team and can incorporate this work into the existing project. It is also lower risk as you are only changing some areas of the configuration.

Save yourself and your company hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars!

The best course of action is to begin planning now, so you can review all the options available to you. Part of this is learning the prerequisites you’ll need to support your project more efficiently.

Aside from the migration of the payroll configuration, there are many other areas to also consider. 

Some of these include:

  • Will I migrate my prior history for the employees? For example: Do you move your payroll results, employee history, finance postings, year to date results into the new system?
  • How do I best perform Parallel runs?
  • Do I migrate my existing ABAP reports and other functionality into the new system?
  • For any reports being migrated, how will I modify and maintain these into the future?
  • Can all of my reports (Either custom reports or standard SAP reports) be executed from Employee Central, or by the Managers themselves
  • How will I cater for my Adhoc Requests that come up. Often we see customers go from 20-30 go live reports to hundreds in a period of 12 months.  If you have adhoc requests, you want to know how you will cater for these
  • Will all your custom reports and manual reports be able to fit into the Payroll Control Center process
  • If I need additional Payroll Control Center checks – How can I add these?


SpinifexIT Darren Souter

Darren Souter

SpinifexIT Founder & Global Architect

Get this FREE ECP Implementation checklist to guide you in your planning and thought process!

Download your checklist here.

SpinifexIT April blog_Take your Employee Central Payroll system to the next level part 2 checklist image

If you need help assessing these questions further, feel free to talk to us, or even comment down below. We can schedule a quick discussion or even refer you to some of our customers who have used our solutions for their own implementations.

Ready to move to Employee Central Payroll?

The Easy Migration solution will help you de-risk and accelerate your migration to ECP with an integrated toolset that allows full configuration and data migration copies from On-Premise to ECP, reports to validate full payroll results, runs repeated payroll tests, and identifies data and configuration inconsistencies between source and target systems for corrections. 

SpinifexIT_April 2020 blog_Taking your Employee Central Payroll system to the next level part 2_Easy Migration

Easy Migration

Our Easy Migration solution helps you complete your ECP migration process 90% faster than traditional implementation times. It can help you:

  • dentify and migrate your current payroll configuration to Employee Central Payroll.
  • Copy current employee data and results into the new system, and
  • Run reconciliation reports fast using built-in reports, powered by our SAP-Certified reporting solution

Our Easy Migration solution is also 100% integrated with other SpinifexIT solutions so it is an easy step to transition to our other products if you have the need.

What if I have already implemented ECP or plan to remain on-premise for the moment?

If you have already moved to Employee Central Payroll, or are happy to just stay with your on-premise solution for the moment, this doesn’t mean that you cannot look to areas to improve.

About 90% or more of the customers who we speak to, already have Employee Central Payroll or SAP Payroll installed and running, and are looking to improve some of their day to day manual processes.

In this case, the SpinifexIT solutions can just be installed into your existing system.  The way that most customers then start to use the solutions is as follows:

  • Train on how to use the solutions – This is about 3-5 days training upfront
  • Identify the time-consuming processes that your team is doing, and then replace these with any of our 120 pre-delivered reports. You can also build custom reports to support your HR and Payroll information requirements. This immediately removes a lot of manual steps and starts to free up your team. Here is the YouTube case study.
  • New, ad hoc requests can be delivered through Easy Reporter. Reports can be scheduled and emailed out directly to the required person so it completely removes the need for manual processing.
  • If your payroll has Year End processes for Australia, USA or Canada, start to use our predefined Year End solutions.
  • From here, you can continue to replace your existing manual processes with the automated Easy Reporter steps.

Over a quick period, you will be able to automate the extraction, generation and sending of your reports. Instead of spending a lot of time and effort manually building the perfect set of reports, your team can then focus on delivering a high quality service to your customers.

In Summary

Employee Central Payroll is a powerful solution, but like most software solutions, will have areas that can be further streamlined. Whether this is during the implementation, streamlining payroll processes, report building or reconciliation steps, there are always many ways to further take advantage of your ECP solution.

If you decide to walk the SpinifexIT path, you will find that we are not just a software solution that is dropped into your system and rarely used. 

Our team of expert consultants will work directly with your team right through the implementation and into go live to ensure you use the best practice methods from the start and build long lasting processes, based on the best practices we have seen at hundreds of other customers.

The reporting and Payroll Control Center solution (discussed in Part 1) is just part of the SpinifexIT solution set, but if you are moving to Employee Central Payroll, this is a key building block for your journey. 

Along the way, you may have a need for our other solutions, and the good thing is that most of our solutions leverage off of Easy Reporter, so you are starting with the best of breed solution.

SpinifexIT solutions can be installed in a matter of hours into your system, but if you are using any of our partner’s hosted Employee Central Payroll or SAP Payroll Solutions, then our solutions are already available in their environments. Make sure to ask them about us!

Once again, here’s your simplified implementation checklist, so you can talk about your plans with your implementation partner.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any questions.

On a side note, we hope you’re doing well, and that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe and well despite what the world is going through. We’re all in this together, and SpinifexIT will always be here to support you if you need help with our solutions. 

Stay connected!

Our North American team recently held a User Group Meeting for all SpinifexIT customers. Stay tuned for announcements, so you may join these online activities in the future!

Employee Central Payroll
Take your Employee Central Payroll system to the next level
Take your Employee Central Payroll system to the next level 1024 475 SpinifexIT

In this blog, we’ll provide insights on options you can take to save time and thousands of dollars in your payroll business. This includes our findings whilst speaking with our own customers when streamlining their Payroll process. 

It is always a challenge for a customer new to SAP Payroll to know some of the challenges they will encounter along the journey, so I am trying to highlight some of the areas that I know will come up during implementation and post go-live.

For 20 years, I’ve been working in and around the SAP payroll solution and have been building software that can streamline its processes from end to end.

Whilst overall, I would think that most customers would benefit from additional solutions to streamline the existing processes, I will provide a balanced viewpoint without necessarily talking about just software solutions.


SpinifexIT Darren Souter

Darren Souter

SpinifexIT Founder & Global Architect

The SAP Customer’s Standard Journey

Now, let’s talk about the journey of a standard SAP customer.

SAP Customer Journey
SAP Customer Journey

Reporting takes backstage during the implementation process, but turns out to be a major requirement as time goes on. So, does this mean needing additional reporting solutions?

Let’s explore the standard reporting solutions and find out if it is enough to work with these. 

Standard Employee Central Payroll Reports

Employee Central Payroll will come standard with many reports such as Superannuation Reports, Wagetype Reporter and Various Other pre-defined reports. 

These are all useful reports, but they are generally hardcoded and cannot easily be altered.

Adhoc Query is a generic reporting tool that SAP provides, however this only reports specific data such as infotypes and does not combine this with Payroll or other Transactional Results. 

This is often the starting place for reporting and we would recommend you understand the reports that are delivered out of the box.

People Analytics

This is a new Employee Central Reporting solution that sits on top of SAP Analytics Cloud. This is for reporting SuccessFactors data and replaces a number of the existing SuccessFactors reporting solutions. 

At this time, this solution does not include Payroll Reporting.

People Analytics is a new solution and as of today, it is too early to indicate the overall value proposition.

Workforce Analytics or People Analytics – Advanced Edition

Workforce Analytics (Now known as People Analytics Advanced Edition) is a useful Management Analytic Solution, but is often more higher business level reporting.  

Whilst this delivers a subset of Payroll Reports, these are often not the day to day reports the payroll team will require, but focused more on Management type reporting. 

This solution is not generally used for day-to-day Payroll Reporting.

SAP Analytics Cloud

This solution allows you to build your own dashboards and user stories using data from various systems with powerful visualisation tools.  

It would be possible to build your payroll reporting, but you need to consider how to get the data into this solution, and then how to cater for things like security, regular updates etc. 

This requires reports to be purpose built and then updated with data.  Much like many Business Warehouse solutions, and Workforce Analytics, this is more of a management analytics solution.

ABAP Custom Reports

Within the Employee Central Payroll Solution, the Internal IT Team can build their own reports. These however require a specific skill set and often end up with fairly purpose built reports.  

This is not a cost effective approach for most reporting needs.

Excel Reports

Most customers resort to using Excel or some other tool to extract data from Employee Central Payroll. You can include multiple data sources and merge them together to produce the reports you need.  

This is a very manual process and often results in many complex spreadsheets that require an expert to maintain.

So many reports, so little time

Equipping your Payroll team with the right tools and expertise upfront saves you a lot of time and many thousands, in some cases, millions of dollars.

Here’s where SpinifexIT can help you. 

Employee Central Payroll

Our customers have found that SpinifexIT is not just “nice to have”, but a mandatory solution for their day to day work. Our accelerator is powered by our SAP-certified Easy Reporter solution, our Payroll Control Center (PCC) Accelerator add-on, and a couple of localized solutions for Australian (Easy STP) and North American (Easy Balance) payroll reconciliation, and more!

Employee Central Payroll
  • Purpose build Payroll Day to Day and Compliance Reports that can be run out of the box
  • Adhoc Report capabilities to build the reports you need in minutes
  • Distribution Capabilities that can be used for sending reports out to managers, departments or even external interfaces such as Deduction Vendors
  • Full Integration into the Payroll Control Center solution as well as Employee or Manager Self Service Capabilities for any report you want to make available
  • Additional Functionality delivered out of the box that can be used to streamline implementation of Employee Central Payroll and even Testing the Regular upgrades.

In the next blog, we’ll be featuring customer case studies where SpinifexIT solutions have been implemented and how clients have considered it a success. We’re also including a 2020 checklist you can refer to whilst planning your implementation.

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Strato is featured in Tech Target!
Strato is featured in Tech Target! 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Strato, SpinifexIT’s document generation software, is featured in Tech Target’s Search SAP site.

The article, published on Jan. 25, highlights five third-party apps that help businesses maximise their Success Factors experience. 

Search SAP by Tech Target is a leading resource for the latest news and expert advice on SAP.

The article features Strato as a document generation solution that cuts down the copious amounts of business hours spent on producing documents.

Here’s the full quote from the article:

“Finally, SpinifexIT’s Strato software provides the ability to generate documents that can be electronically signed by candidates and hiring managers or other responsible parties. Such documents include job requisitions, offer letters, employment contracts and more. Automating them enables more efficient management and execution of the recruitment process.”

Strato was built to help businesses create and distribute (in less time) professional documents required in employment, recruitment and payroll. Documents can be created in multiple languages and accessed across multiple devices.

Learn its full capabilities here.

You can also watch our videos to understand how this document generation solution works and how you can use it to optimise your Success Factors platform to meet your business requirements.

Find out the top business cases Strato can solve in this quick webinar:

Create and generate complicated HCM documents without the need for custom programming or external support.

Here’s how easy it is to generate Pixel Perfect Talent Card in Strato: