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SAP payroll customers’​ top strategy is to keep “a single point of truth”​
SAP payroll customers’​ top strategy is to keep “a single point of truth”​ 626 272 SpinifexIT

In a recent SAPInsider survey focusing on Payroll and its impact on Cloud HR, it was identified that 79% of responses saw that the top strategy for payroll customers was to ensure that their payroll solution was the single point of truth.  


SpinifexIT Darren Souter
Darren Souter

Solution Architect

Coming in behind was to have a solution that keeps the system up to date with Tax and Regulatory changes

The 3rd Strategic Requirement was to ensure the company maintained a team with the skillset for maintaining the payroll solution (in-house). In 4th place, was to ensure that a global strategy for reporting was in place.

Requirements: Key figures

Of these Strategies, the 2nd and 3rd make sense. However, they are more expectations for a global payroll solution. 

For example, you would expect that the system software can be easily updated with the latest Tax and Regulatory Changes. You also would need to ensure that you have staff to maintain the system. Luckily, for the customers running SAP Payroll, the Tax and Regulatory updates are just part of the day-to-day deliverables that come with supporting over 10,000 Payroll customers.  

It is even simpler for the customers who have moved, or are moving to Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll. For this group of companies, they will know that these systems are updated on regular schedules by SAP. This means that there will be less dependency on internal staff to apply the technical software updates.

A Single Integrated HR/Payroll solution combined with Global Reporting can drive true efficiency and visibility across your organization.

The Top Strategy can be realized by keeping a single integrated HR/Payroll solution. This will provide a common platform for engaging employees, streamlining processes and keeping consistent reporting across the entire organization. 

This alone has driven the transition of many customers over the last few decades to SAP HCM. This is because they have often merged many different payroll and HR systems together into a single ERP solution. 

It is also not surprising that the 4th most important strategy is to focus on Global Payroll Reporting and Analytics

This point goes hand in hand with maintaining a single point of truth, as maintaining a single system allows for much easier global reporting. Many customers have driven their global HR strategy on these two areas to allow a central single place for all HR/Payroll reporting.

SAP Solutions

Luckily, the SAP solutions, whether it is Employee Central with Employee Central Payroll, Employee Central integrated with On-Premise, or customers using On-Premise (Which is still the majority of the SAP customers), allows for customers to maintain an integrated Payroll and HR Solution.  

SAP is among the few companies with a global system that can service as many countries in regards to payroll. This, by default, allows customers to maintain a single payroll solution. Many other vendors have a comprehensive collection of countries that they can support for HR, but payroll is complex. With over 30 years in this area, SAP takes the cake as they have, and continues to service thousands of global customers.

Global Reporting is one of the areas that SpinifexIT has focused on for over 15 years. We constantly see customers who want to take advantage of years of data to provide insights into their own organization. This also includes being able to access the day-to-day payroll transactional data. SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter is a purpose built tool to address your day to day reporting challenges.

More Information on the Market

If you haven’t already taken a look at the comprehensive analysis of the payroll market, click on this link to download this SAP Insider report. (There is no charge and just a quick registration to get access to this document.)

This report has many insights that will help you understand the activities and approach that other payroll customers are adopting and considering.

View Part 1 of the SAPinsider Survey insights series: On-premise SAP Payroll customers set to stay On-premise (for now)

SpinifexIT-2020-blog-on-premise-SAP-Payroll-customers-set-to stay-on-premise-featured-image
On-premise SAP Payroll customers set to stay on-premise
On-premise SAP Payroll customers set to stay on-premise 627 314 SpinifexIT

Recently, a research survey was conducted by SAPinsider across a large number of SAP HCM customers. Out of this were many interesting findings, and over the coming weeks, I will share some of these with you.

SpinifexIT Darren Souter
Darren Souter

SpinifexIT Solution Architect

One of the more surprising numbers was related to the plans for moving from the On-Premise solution. As many of you would be aware, SAP has now determined that the current SAP On-Premise ECC solution will be supported until 2027 (with extended paid support until 2030). This gives only 6 years of time to make a decision on what to do and to actually then move to an alternative solution.

As you can see from the following survey result, just over 60% of customers have no plans to do anything for the moment and to remain on-premise.

Approximately 25% are planning to move to the cloud, which means they will migrate to the Employee Central Payroll (ECP) platform. With this number and the 60% continuing to make no decision, the SAP Payroll Platform remains a very powerful and good option for most customers – especially those who have international Payrolls with multiple countries needing to be paid.

The remainder of these customers will be looking to outsource their payroll to one of the other payroll vendors. 

This, however, doesn’t mean the customers are moving away from SAP, as many of the vendors out there are using the SAP Payroll Solution as the base of their outsourced payroll offering.

From this chart, I can make a few additional observations

  • The insight here is that the SAP Payroll remains a robust and future-proofed solution with the majority of customers not planning to move away from this solution.
  • The vast majority of customers are wanting to keep payroll processing in-house. I believe for many customers, this makes sense as the core business rules and knowledge around the payroll remains close to the business

I feel that many of the customers who are undecided may make more concrete decisions over the coming months or years, once SAP releases more details about the options for migration to the S/4HANA solution for those who want to remain on-premise (this solution will be supported by SAP through to 2040).

This is just one part of the SAPinsider Report, so I would highly recommend reading this to understand the market better and to even compare your own situation to other SAP customers. There is no cost to receive this report, you just have to register.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the SAPinsider Survey insights series!

Payroll Heroes 2020_7
Payroll Heroes 2020
Payroll Heroes 2020 1024 576 SpinifexIT

This 2020 International Payroll Day, we’re putting the spotlight on our Payroll Heroes!

Payroll heroes are experts and specialists with years of expertise and dedication to error-free payrolls every single time.

Payroll experts – aka heroes – are the workplace’s unsung champions. Working behind the scenes, they ensure payday arrives without any hitch.

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Lucie Forget Costco

Payroll Hero

Lucie Forget


1. What do you love about what you do?

The autonomy and freedom I have from my management to resolve issues, find ways to improve user experience and constantly learning more about the new SAP HR/payroll system.  

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

Creation, maintenance and support of a payroll posting/reporting interface that was able to sustain many storms (governments legal requests, user requests) that officially retired after 27 years of loyal services after the implementation of HR/Payroll systems to SAP.  

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

SpinifexIT (Easy Reporter) is the reporting tool, which allowed us very quickly and efficiently to develop many HR and Payroll in record time and made it possible to have reports ready for the Implementation date.    

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Jenn Cunningham Canadian Blood Services

Payroll Hero

Jenn Cunningham

Canadian Blood Services

1. What do you love about what you do? 

On a daily basis, I gather appropriate, useful data and create compelling reports/audits that bring efficiencies and cost saving to the organization. What I do matters, and that is a powerful feeling!

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

  • I can quickly build meaningful reports, documents and audits on the fly, often while colleagues brainstorm to identify their requirements, helping the business to better understand the data/metrics that drive business decisions.  No need to wait for IT resources or support.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

  • Developed a total compensation statement that we post using EDA (ESS). Eliminating the need for encryption. Quick accessibility for all our employees.
  • Developed audits and reports that help my colleagues complete their day to day tasks with ease and eliminated stressful and difficult manual manipulations of data. E.g. Consolidated 7 excel reports into one comprehensive and meaningful SpinifexIT audit report.
  • Mitigated risk by reducing transcription errors, manual calculations and consolidating data.
  • Automate/scheduled many payroll reporting tasks so that the data is readily available for review and analysis.

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Jannene Bliss Incitec Pivot

Payroll Hero

Jannene Bliss

Incitec Pivot Limited

1. What do you love about what you do?

I have been in payroll for over 30 years and I love my job because every day is different.

It is always busy and never boring.

It brings it challenges, however it is satisfying when you have conquered those challenges

I enjoy conveying information to employees with a non-payroll background to help them understand an issue they may have with their pay.

Working with HR and finance to ensure a smooth running business is satisfying too.

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

My proudest achievements have been mentoring team members and watching them grow and move on to better positions.

Setting up new employee agreements in the payroll system and working on projects such as Success Factors and migrating from one payroll system to another.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

SpinifexIT (Easy Reporter) is a great reporting tool.

I still haven’t mastered it, but a lot can be done in SpinifexIT – processing month and year end and being able to set up reports to run automatically at specific intervals is such a time saver.  

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Lanny Solley SouthWest Airlines

Payroll Hero

Lanny Solley

Southwest Airlines

1. What do you love about what you do?

I’m very lucky to have a position that allows me to draw on my 34 years of experience in the payroll, payroll tax and software development fields. I love being in a position that allows me to troubleshoot technical issues while coming up with solutions to immediate, as well as long-term, needs.

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

I was the Product Development Manager at a payroll tax software company and was the chief conceptual data architect of a very successful payroll tax processing web product.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

Spinifex has saved countless hours of agonizing troubleshooting, report runtime, and data manipulation on a regular basis.

Rather than extracting data from SAP and creating data manipulation solutions in Access, Easy Reporter allows me to manipulate the data in my report definitions.

The finished product is always accurate, runs in a fraction of the time it takes for other report writers, and is in the format that is needed for various end users of the data. A report created for the Census Bureau has saved days of balancing work that was required when the data was pulled using other tools. The Employee counts and amounts were right the first time!

Explore the solutions that have helped our #PayrollHeroes consistently deliver great work.

Easy Reporter

Build, schedule and send HR & Payroll reports on-time.

Easy Documents

Produce custom employee documents, statements, and letters using your latest HR & Payroll information.

Easy Help Desk

Empower your team to confidently and quickly address HR and payroll inquiries.


Take advantage of additional configuration checks and proactive reconciliation features to run perfect payrolls.

Easy Balance

Validate data and eliminate errors in your US and Canadian SAP payroll and tax reconciliation.

Easy STP

Ensure your payroll is error-free and ATO-compliant — minus all the trouble.

Rizing and SpinifexIT Announce Partnership
Rizing and SpinifexIT Announce Partnership 650 340 SpinifexIT

Rizing deepens payroll offerings by integrating SpinifexIT’s Easy Migration to optimize transformation to the cloud, accelerate timelines and de-risk the process.

SpinifexIT’s Easy Migration solution, which automates the migration of SAP on-premise Payroll to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll will be added to strengthen Rizing’s Upgrade2Success program which aims to accelerate timelines and de-risk the SAP customers’ movement to the cloud. 

“This approach does away with the need for a design and build phase, which immediately makes the transformation to cloud more cost-effective. But the icing on the cake is having the insight and the right tools to remove the risk of moving your on-premise payroll to Employee Central Payroll

Rizing CEO Luc Hedou

Luc Hédou
CEO of HCM at Rizing

Rizing is a premier SAP partner in the world when it comes to implementing SuccessFactors® payroll. The Rizing team partnered with us as we developed the Easy Migration solution, bringing their extensive payroll expertise and diligent testing capabilities to bear on the resulting product. We’re excited about bringing this solution to market and supporting the SAP SuccessFactors Upgrade2Success Program.

Darren Pithie Spinifexit CEO

Darren Pithie
CEO, SpinifexIT

Read the full news release below or click here to view the article.


SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

Rizing and SpinifexIT Announce Partnership to Streamline the Move to SAP Successfactors Employee Central Payroll


STAMFORD, Conn., May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rizing and SpinifexIT today announced the deepening of their partnership to empower customer success with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll. Under the partnership, Rizing will strengthen the capabilities of their Upgrade2Success program with the capabilities of SpinifexIT’s Easy Migration to automate the transition of SAP on-premise Payroll to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll. Rizing’s technical expertise and payroll acumen will integrate with SpinifexIT technology to accelerate timelines and de-risk SAP customers’ movement to cloud.

Rizing’s long-standing history with SAP on-premise Payroll combined with experience in leading Employee Central Payroll implementations worldwide provides customers with a reliable methodology for transformation to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll. This Employee Central Payroll offering from Rizing will avoid many of the challenges of moving payroll to cloud, which most customers view as a complete re-implementation of payroll.

The union of Rizing’s experience with SpinifexIT’s Easy Migration product automates the movement of both the on-premise configuration and employee data to Employee Central Payroll, including all history and payroll results. Rizing’s payroll experts will use Easy Migration to move the configuration, migrate employee data, and verify payroll accuracy across systems.

“This approach does away with the need for a design and build phase, which immediately makes the transformation to cloud more cost-effective. But the icing on the cake is having the insight and the right tools to remove the risk of moving your on-premise payroll to Employee Central Payroll,” says Luc Hédou, CEO of HCM at Rizing.

“Rizing is a premier SAP partner in the world when it comes to implementing SuccessFactors® payroll,” said Darren Pithie, Co-Founder and CEO of SpinifexIT. “The Rizing team partnered with us as we developed the Easy Migration solution, bringing their extensive payroll expertise and diligent testing capabilities to bear on the resulting product. We’re excited about bringing this solution to market and supporting the SAP SuccessFactors Upgrade2Success Program.”

Rizing, an SAP professional services firm with over 350 certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants, also partners with SpinifexIT to deliver Rizing’s Synchrony Payroll, a cloud offering aimed at the small and mid-sized market. Synchrony Payroll is packaged with the SpinifexIT Easy Suite of products, including Reporter, Clone and PCC. With the inclusion of the Easy Migration offering, Rizing has the technology and talent to deliver optimal solutions that fit the size and model of all businesses and across all geographies.

SpinifexIT, an SAP silver partner, has a strong portfolio of certified products for SAP SuccessFactors HR, Talent, and Employee Central Payroll. These products naturally support the Easy Migration offering. Easy Migration automatically identifies and moves country-specific configuration to the Employee Central Payroll system, which is currently available in 46 countries. Likewise, Employee data is automatically detected and copied to the new Employee Central Payroll system. The amount and type of employee data to be moved, including the entire history, can be customized by country. Pre-delivered reports automate the system-to-system data extraction and reconciliation process to ensure the successful transition to Employee Central Payroll.

Rizing will offer Easy Migration globally with Upgrade2Success as a part of the partnership with SpinifexIT.

read more
SpinifexIT BCP March 2020
SpinifexIT Business Continuity Plans amidst COVID-19 crisis
SpinifexIT Business Continuity Plans amidst COVID-19 crisis 1024 536 SpinifexIT

With the current global Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) crisis, SpinifexIT is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and ensuring full business continuity in service to you, our customers, partners, and suppliers. 

We have initiated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure our services continue to operate as normal as possible with minimal to no interruption to your business operations and engagement with us.

Some of the key aspects of our business continuity processes include the following and are currently active:

A. Customer support will be provided as “business as usual” through the existing channels and through our current SLAs we currently have in place with our customers. 

We can still be contacted via our Help Center here:

Reach out to us via email: [email protected]

We can still be contacted via our support phone numbers

  • Americas:  +1 (800) 480-6857
  • Europe : (+44) 0-80-8-189-0077
  • Australia / New Zealand : (+61) 1300 667 187
  • Southeast Asia :   (+65) 3163 1065 (SG) or  (+91) 000-800-100-4091 (India)

B. SpinifexIT uses state of the art cloud infrastructure capability to manage our Software Development and Releases processes, our Customer Care and Support processes, our Human Resource processes and our Financial Management processes. 

C. Under the BCP, our operational office-based employees, predominantly in Melbourne and Manila are working from their home-based locations and those involved with service provisioning are equipped with secure corporate laptop devices and corporate mobile devices to continue to run our services as “business as usual”.

D. We are observing the government’s restrictions related to this crisis for all countries we operate in and are also following the specific recommendation by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Some of the key actions we have taken, but are not limited are as follows:


  • Cancellation of all business travel, and all employees were advised to avoid non-urgent personal travel.
  • Cancellation of business travel on populated public transportation facilities such as airplanes, trains, trams or buses. We have set a recommendation that all employees avoid non-urgent personal travel.
  • Any employee that recently boarded an aircraft in the past week or returning back from overseas or interstate travel either domestically or abroad self isolates and continues to work from home for a minimum 14-day precautionary period (if not more as required by local authorities)
  • All local government travel restrictions are also enforced.
  • No visitors to attend our offices (Melbourne or Manila) and any deliveries are left at the building front desk for a designated employee to pick up or redirect the delivery to their home address.

Health checks & meetings

  • All employee attendance and health are tracked on a daily basis.
  • Any employee to report any symptoms that could be associated with the virus to our office managers or business unit leaders and seek immediate medical assistance and advise our office managers and/or SpinifexIT business unit leaders directly or through their emergency contacts. We are following the symptom guidelines of the COVID-19 virus as specified by WHO.
  • All in-person planned events, parties, meet-ups, and conferences are canceled.
  • All expected onsite office interviews have been rescheduled as video conference interviews.
  • Engagement with our customers and partners is run remotely via phone or video conferencing with the exception of local individual employee travel and engagement upon the agreement with the customer or partner and also following their COVID-19 BCP processes and government-specific restrictions.

SpinifexIT will continue to closely monitor the situation on a daily basis and is prepared to make further real-time decisions to implement other measures to support our employees, our customers, partners and suppliers.

Our decisions will also systematically comply with government authorities’ restrictions and recommendations in all our operating countries.

Please all take care and be safe in such unprecedented times and we sincerely thank you for your continued support and trust in us.


Darren Pithie

Global CEO

Email: [email protected]

SpinifexIT Appoints Frank Schiek as the New Regional VP for EMEA
SpinifexIT Appoints Frank Schiek as the New Regional VP for EMEA 820 312 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT, the global leader for SAP HCM business process solutions, names Frank Schiek as Regional Vice President for EMEA. 

Based in Germany, Frank Schiek will be leading the EMEA team in driving sales and creating forward-thinking solutions for SpinifexIT customers, partners, and stakeholders. He will be reporting to SpinifexIT Chief Operating Officer Mathew Katakis, and will be working closely with the SpinifexIT EMEA Solutions and Consulting Team. 

Frank Schiek has over 25 years of expertise in developing and implementing HCM processes and integrations for both the SAP On-Premise and SAP SuccessFactors environments for the public sector and private enterprises. He has led successful international projects and implementations across multiple industries including, but not limited to top hi-tech/medical, energy, automotive and manufacturing companies.

Before joining SpinifexIT, Frank Schiek held top management positions, which highlighted his skills in sales, creative problem-solving, team and project management, and partner engagement.

“I am pleased to be joining the SpinifexIT Team. I have experienced firsthand how the SpinifexIT suite of products improve productivity, produce more meaningful value to organizations,  support a lot of processes, and contribute to the Employee Experience companies need. I truly look forward to sharing my experience with the EMEA market,” Frank Schiek shares. 

“We’re excited to have Frank Schiek join our global business as Regional VP for EMEA,” says COO Mathew Katakis. “Frank brings a wealth of SAP HR, Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors experience having worked with many European customers and led a number of customer-centric strategic and transformational programs in the region. He is an outstanding addition to our team and will help us continue to provide value-add innovative SAP HR and Payroll process automation solutions to our customers.”

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT, an SAP silver partner, is a leader in producing SAP-certified business process improvement software that helps companies optimize their HR and payroll processes. This includes solutions for on-demand HR and Payroll Reporting, Document Generation, Payroll Processing and Employee Help Desk applications. SpinifexIT’s a global company with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and offices in Germany, London, United States of America, and the Philippines. Browse our website to learn more about our Solutions and our team.

SAPinsider State of the Market survey
SAPinsider State of the Market survey 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Take this 5-minute survey to be part of an upcoming SAP Insider State of the Market research paper! 

Entitled State of the Market: Payroll and Its Impact on Cloud HR, the report highlights the impact of on-premise payroll systems on cloud-based HR solutions. Co-sponsored by SpinifexIT, the report will feature valuable strategies and insight from SAP and Success Factors clients. 

Join the survey to receive a complimentary copy of the report on April 2020. Get a chance to win a free 1-year subscription to SAP Insider, which gives the winner full access to SAP Insider articles, case studies, webinars and reports (valued at about $1,000)! 

Participating in the survey gives you the chance to share your experiences and thoughts as an SAP and Success Factors customer. Gain perspective from peers and find out what’s driving cloud adopters to take the leap and what’s keeping the rest from joining the cloud.

All SAP and SAP Success Factors customers are welcome to join the survey! Responses will be kept anonymous and confidential.

SAP Insider State of the Market survey

About SAPinsider and SpinifexIT

SAP Insider is a trusted online resource for SAP news, information and advice. It has been publishing articles, blogs, podcasts, and webinars to help SAP users maximize their SAP investment. 

SpinifexIT is a leading developer of smart HR and payroll software solutions. An SAP silver partner, it creates intelligent solutions that let users maximize their SAP and SAP SuccessFactors experience.

SpinifexIT is based in Australia and has global offices in the US, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

Learn more here.

Strato is featured in Tech Target!
Strato is featured in Tech Target! 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Strato, SpinifexIT’s document generation software, is featured in Tech Target’s Search SAP site.

The article, published on Jan. 25, highlights five third-party apps that help businesses maximise their Success Factors experience. 

Search SAP by Tech Target is a leading resource for the latest news and expert advice on SAP.

The article features Strato as a document generation solution that cuts down the copious amounts of business hours spent on producing documents.

Here’s the full quote from the article:

“Finally, SpinifexIT’s Strato software provides the ability to generate documents that can be electronically signed by candidates and hiring managers or other responsible parties. Such documents include job requisitions, offer letters, employment contracts and more. Automating them enables more efficient management and execution of the recruitment process.”

Strato was built to help businesses create and distribute (in less time) professional documents required in employment, recruitment and payroll. Documents can be created in multiple languages and accessed across multiple devices.

Learn its full capabilities here.

You can also watch our videos to understand how this document generation solution works and how you can use it to optimise your Success Factors platform to meet your business requirements.

Find out the top business cases Strato can solve in this quick webinar:

Create and generate complicated HCM documents without the need for custom programming or external support.

Here’s how easy it is to generate Pixel Perfect Talent Card in Strato:

Simplified SAP Payroll and SuccessFactors Reporting At Your Fingertips
Simplified SAP Payroll and SuccessFactors Reporting At Your Fingertips 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Easy Reporter seamlessly integrates with SAP’s Payroll Control Center. Automate and optimize your key HCM processes with this powerful combo.

Find out more about SpinifexIT's Easy Reporter and Payroll Control Center Combo

Complete the form below to request a copy of the webinar or book a quick 15-minute discovery call.

Benefits of using Easy Reporter

Access reports quickly with easy-to-use tiles

Use pre-delivered reports to reconcile Payroll

Future-proof your
payroll processes

Always display the latest info across all reports

Implement your Payroll Control Center 85% faster

Nail your Audit & Compliance (eg. GDPR) reporting requirements

Frequently Asked Questions, answered!

What is the implementation time for Easy Reporter?

Easy Reporter doesn’t require a full implementation that takes days, it is simply a matter of receiving and applying a set of transports from our team. Once the transports are provided, we will set up a training plan. This spans a couple of days for your Superuser, and another day for your Admin.

Do you have any pre-delivered reports for UK Gender Pay Gap reporting?

We do have some standard reports, and they work fairly similarly to the SAP standard. They have a bit more flexibility built in. To see the full list of our reports, send a request to [email protected]

With the Easy Reporter file output options, can we send a file directly to our pension provider?

Yes indeed. Easy Reporter provides the ability to output files via email as you saw or for a more secure option you can also upload the file directly via FTP. In both cases, you can also leverage your own encryption tools within Easy Reporter to further secure your data.

What is the minimum enhancement pack needed for Easy Reporter and Payroll Control Centre?

Payroll Control Centre requires Enhancement Pack 7 with HR Renewal 2.0. Easy Reporter is tested down to a much earlier enhancement pack level. However, if you want to integrate with the PCC then of course you need to be up to date.

Do we need to have Payroll Control Centre already implemented to use the Easy Reporter functionality?

Yes, because we integrate into the PCC framework you will need to have the basics implemented in order to make use of the Easy Reporter integration. The good news is that using Easy Reporter means that the implementation time can be dramatically reduced. We provide all the same RDS exception checks as the standard SAP RDS, and as you can imagine it is much much easier and faster to adapt those to your requirements or build new checks

SAP Payroll Control Center Deployment Made Easier
Find out easier ways to accelerate your Payroll Control Center Deployment
Find out easier ways to accelerate your Payroll Control Center Deployment 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Get your Payroll Control Center up and running in no time with a powerful rapid-deployment solution. Optimize this process by 85% with this powerful Payroll Reconciliation and Reporting Combo.

Find out more about SpinifexIT's Payroll Control Center Rapid Deployment Solution

Complete the form below to request a copy of the webinar or book a quick 15-minute discovery call.

Payroll Control Center RDS at a glance

Use multiple methods of
validating data & payroll

Reduce PCC
Implementation Time

Future-proof your

Set up your PCC without
technical assistance

Web Reporting

Empower your
Payroll Team today