Strato 1.17 is going live this August!
Strato 1.17 is going live this August! 1008 740 SpinifexIT

Strato 1.17 – Going live this August!

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest update for Strato. Strato 1.17 includes new features around its workflow, dashboard, and storage functionality which further optimize your SAP SuccessFactors document generation.

Strato 1.17 will be deployed for UAT on August 29, 2021 and will go live on Production by mid-September. You may view the release calendar here.

New tools to extend SAP SuccessFactors document automation and compliance capabilities

Expedite your document’s routing, approval and e-signing process by setting time-based conditions in your Strato Workflow.

Trigger email reminders, automatically accept or reject changes and documents, and execute a corresponding workflow immediately after without any manual intervention.


• Auto-approve a Job Offer Letter on behalf of the Manager before proceeding with sending it to the Candidate

• Add an automated email reminder for a Candidate if they have not yet signed their Job Offer two days after receiving the letter. 

• Auto-reject the Job Offer Letter and stop the Recruitment Workflow process if the Candidate does not Accept / Reject the Job Offer Letter five days from its issue date

Improve your Data Privacy Compliance (GDPR, etc.) by adding document archiving and deletion automations.

Strato Storage can now allow Administrators to automatically change a document’s status based on their validity, expiry, and compliance laws.


• Automatically archive Performance Documents from two years ago

• An option to delete the digital documents of employees who are no longer in the company for 1 year

• Tag a document (Passport, ID, Visa) as “expired” once it gets past its validity date and send an automatic prompt to the Employee to renew 

Attach supporting documents into your approval workflow. HR may also attach PDF files to a document being sent for routing and e-signature.

This enables them to provide their recipients and signatories with the full information in line with the document they are reviewing and signing.


• Include a PDF copy of the Job Description alongside the Job Offer Letter for signature

• Attach the past Performance Evaluation results of an employee when routing the new Performance Forms to the Manager and Employee

• Append a new Total Compensation Statement alongside the Merit Increase acceptance process

Improve your HXM document generation and employee experience

Generate documents using the employee’s ‘pending’ data to aid during your Employee Movements and Change of Compensation discussions. Have the ability to show the employee their new Position Title, Compensation and Benefits package during your discussion.

Empower them to decide with the right information on hand before making it official. Integrate this process seamlessly into your workflow in this release.

Here’s how this feature works at a basic level.

Likewise, once the pending data has been approved in SAP SuccessFactors even for future effectivity, employees may generate a version of their documents that show their new information- as long as it has already been approved. 


• An employee is due for an increase on October 1, 2021. The increase has been approved as early as today, but will only reflect on the employee’s paycheck in October.

• Extend your managers’ reach. Allow people managers to generate documents both for their direct and indirect reports. 

• Integrate Strato with other 3rd party apps. Enable Strato to send and store a document in your CRM system (Salesforce, etc.), other parts of SAP SuccessFactors, or via SAP Archive Link.

Get the full release notes

SpinifexIT Partner Summit Lunch & Learn | EMEA & MEE
SpinifexIT Partner Summit Lunch & Learn | EMEA & MEE 1008 740 SpinifexIT

Liebe SpinifexIT-Partner,

Wir möchten Sie herzlich zu unserem zweiten SpinifexIT Partner Summit in diesem Jahr und unserer allerersten Lunch & Learn-Session einladen. 

Das SpinifexIT Partner Summit Lunch & Learn findet an folgenden Terminen statt:

30. September 2021
12:00 – 14:00 Uhr CET

Online für unsere englischsprachigen Partner 


1 Oktober 2021
12:00 – 14:00 Uhr CET

Online für unsere deutschsprachigen Partner


Es ist Zeit neu zu denken mit SpinifexIT und sich mit uns auf die Reise rund um das Thema Human Experience Management zu begeben.


  • Wie SpinifexIT die Transformation zur Cloud im HR-Bereich beschleunigt und unterstützt
  • Wie HR-Prozesse optimiert und Mitarbeiter besser eingebunden werden können
  • Wie  wir die HXM Reise gemeinsam gestalten und den digitalen Fortschritt im HR voranbringen
  • Welche Schlüsselinitiativen, Programme &  Lösungen wir dafür anbieten  

Guest keynote speaker: Erwin Hake, HR Solution Architect, Core HR & Payroll, SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG

Bitte melden Sie sich für Ihre Teilnahme rechtzeitig über die obigen Links an.

Passend zum Motto “Lunch & Learn” würden wir Ihnen gerne ein Lunchpaket liefern. Deshalb lassen Sie uns bitte bei Ihrer Registrierung wissen, ob Sie Lebensmittel-Allergien haben und wohin wir das Lunchpaket liefern dürfen.


SpinifexIT Frank Schiek




Brendon Andrews-Warmuth



SpinifexIT at the Mastering SAP HR & Payroll event
SpinifexIT at the Mastering SAP HR & Payroll event 1008 740 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT is a proud sponsor of this year’s Mastering SAP HR & Payroll Event.

Mastering SAP is a yearly convention for SAP HR & payroll experts and thought leaders where they share best practices, trends, and new technologies.

This event, happening this July 27-29, brings together SAP customers and partners to celebrate the talent, innovation and ideas that are literally transforming the way we work.

This year’s topics include:

 • The Role of SAP in the HR Department
 • Recruitment and Onboarding
 • L&D
 • Performance Management
 • Core HR & Payroll
 • SAP Roadmap
 • Upgrades
 • Talent
 • HR Analytics
 • Employee Experience Management
 • Security, Governance and Access Control

SpinifexIT Partner Summit Lunch & Learn | EMEA & MEE
SpinifexIT Partner Summit Lunch & Learn | EMEA & MEE 1008 740 SpinifexIT

Dear SpinifexIT Partners,

We are inviting you to join this year’s 2nd SpinifexIT Partner Summit for EMEA and MEE and our very first Lunch & Learn session, which will be happening with two schedules:

September 30, 2021
12 pm – 2 pm CET

Virtual meet for our English-speaking partners 


October 1, 2021
12pm – 2 pm CET 

Virtual meet for our German-speaking partners


It’s time to rethink with SpinifexIT and embark on the Human Experience Management journey with us.


  • How SpinifexIT accelerates and supports the transformation to the cloud in the HR sector
  • How HR processes can be optimized and employees better integrated
  • How we shape the HXM journey together and advance digital progress in HR which key initiatives, programs & solutions we offer for this

Guest keynote speaker: Simon Humphreys, Solution Architect for SAP SuccessFactors Core HR, SAP SuccessFactors

NOTE: We are going to be arranging for a Lunch delivery during this session. Please let us know if you have any food preferences and dietary considerations in advance and let us know the delivery address.


SpinifexIT Frank Schiek




Brendon Andrews-Warmuth



SpinifexIT-Stephanie Ahler-Director for Partner Engagement
SpinifexIT Appoints Stephanie Ahler as Director of Partner Engagement for Europe, Middle East, and Africa
SpinifexIT Appoints Stephanie Ahler as Director of Partner Engagement for Europe, Middle East, and Africa 756 555 SpinifexIT

Stephanie Ahler joins the SAP SuccessFactors partner to help strengthen its EMEA sales and partner networks.

SpinifexIT, a leading solutions provider for SAP Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors, announced the appointment of Stephanie Ahler as Director of Partner Engagement – Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

In this role, Ms. Ahler will be responsible for establishing SpinifexIT’s SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors market presence in the EMEA region and driving continued growth and revenue through a strong, continuous partner engagement with the region’s SAP HXM experts.

Stephanie Ahler has spent nearly 20 years working with SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Ariba partners, customers and experts. Ms. Ahler was instrumental in SAP SuccessFactors’ adoption across the EMEA and MEE region.

Her expertise in business development, sales, and operations management makes her a strong pillar in SpinifexIT’s EMEA business operations as the organization strengthens its competitive position in the market. 

“Stephanie’s experience in the SAP ecosystem and her numerous achievements in the region makes her a fantastic addition to our team of SAP SuccessFactors HXM and Payroll innovators. I look forward to leveraging Stephanie’s expertise in the field to continuously improve the way we support our partners and customers in the region,” said Frank Schiek, Regional Vice President of SpinifexIT Deutschland GmbH. 

Stephanie Ahler shares, “I am excited to meet SpinifexIT’s partners and customers and look forward to providing them the best tools and support in the market to help them and their customers achieve their HXM goals.”

View the official Press Release at PRWeb here.

About SpinfexIT

SpinifexIT believes that with the right technology and the right partner, you can accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors HXM and Payroll goals with confidence.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud HXM journey or you have already moved to the cloud, SpinifexIT’s innovative solutions like Easy Migration, Easy Go Live, Easy Reporter, and Strato Documents will help guide you by driving operational efficiency, improving critical reporting, increasing data accuracy, and minimizing compliance risks. 

SpinifexIT is an SAP silver partner and its solutions are available at the SAP Store.


Strato Release 1.16 – Strato Documents for SAP SuccessFactors
Strato Release 1.16 – Strato Documents for SAP SuccessFactors 1010 245 SpinifexIT

Strato 1.16 will be going LIVE on UAT this Sunday, May 23rd, 2021. The update will be deployed on Production a couple of weeks after on June 5th, 2021.

Find out more about our latest document viewing and storage solution, Strato Storage.

Meet Strato Storage – View, Store and Retrieve your SAP SuccessFactors documents

Save your documents in a secure, cloud-based server that you can customize to follow every step of the employee’s HR lifecycle journey.

What you can do:
• Enable any time!
• Save and organize documents outside of the SAP SuccessFactors modules
• Store HXM files in a fully encrypted environment that is compliant with major data security protocols
• Easy folder management based on the employee’s journey or location may be customized at will

Strato Sign has a new look! Sign your SAP SuccessFactors HXM Documents on the go.

Strato Sign is an add-on solution for Strato Documents and Strato Workflow that enables your team to route documents for electronic signature without the need for third party applications and licenses. Strato Sign now comes with a new look and a unique Signature ID tracker to help you easily report on and validate employee signatures.

What you can do:
• Activate anytime instead of getting a separate e-signing tool!
• Sign for yourself / sign on behalf of someone else based on smart conditions
• Use the unique Strato Signature IDs to track and validate signed documents

See Strato Sign in Action and how it integrates with SAP SuccessFactors

What is Strato Sign?

Discover how Strato Sign can help you strengthen your security and compliance strategy

Check out the rest of our Strato 1.16 updates here.
Save the dates! View our full release calendar here.

SpinifexIT Achieves ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security
SpinifexIT Achieves ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security 1008 740 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT Global Pty Ltd. (SpinifexIT) announced today that it has been awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification for its information security management practices following an extensive independent external audit.

SpinifexIT is a leading provider of software solutions for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors human experience management and payroll.

ISO 27001:2013 is a globally recognized set of information security standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that mandates controls for the establishment, maintenance, and certification of an information security management system (ISMS). 

“By achieving ISO 27001:2013 certification, SpinifexIT is showing that it is committed to following the highest global standards of information security to safeguard the information assets of our customers, employees, and our business,” said Darren Souter, SpinifexIT Co-Founder and Product Architect. “The certification process has strengthened our infrastructure and processes and prepared us to better serve our customers across the globe.”

The ISO 27001:2013 standard ensures that organizations have established methodologies and a framework for business and IT processes that help identify, manage, and reduce risks to the security of information. SpinifexIT’s certification is an independent validation of its compliance with these internationally recognized, rigorous standards.

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT believes that with the right technology and the right partner, you can accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors HXM and Payroll goals with confidence. Whether you are just beginning your cloud HXM journey or you have already moved to the cloud, SpinifexIT’s innovative solutions like Easy Migration, Easy Go Live, Easy Reporter, and Strato Documents will help guide you by driving operational efficiency, improving critical reporting, increasing data accuracy, and minimizing compliance risks. SpinifexIT is an SAP silver partner and its solutions are available at the SAP Store.

View the full press release published via PR Web here.

ANZ Virtual Customer Day and User Group Meeting 2021
ANZ Virtual Customer Day and User Group Meeting 2021 1024 576 SpinifexIT

The ANZ Virtual Customer Day is coming on June 3! Register now for the User Group Meeting

Our Customer Days which are normally done face to face were put on pause due to the COVID restrictions. The SpinifexIT team is excited to be hosting our first ANZ Virtual Customer Day event in a new format and to get these back as a regular event in our calendars, while providing our attendees with the convenience of a virtual, COVID-safe event online.

We will share with you the latest updates on what to expect from our solutions and a recap of featured enhancements alongside some tips and tricks on getting the most from our technologies. Lastly, we will also get your feedback so we can continue to deliver tools that make things easier for you.

SpinifexIT holds annualANZ Virtual Customer Day and User Group Meetings for its customers to ask their pressing questions and share their experiences. These meetings are also platforms for customers to make suggestions that will help us improve our services and solutions.

Welcome Remarks
Latest Solutions Release (2020.R2 and what’s coming in 2021.R1)
ESC / WGEA Updates
Single Touch Payroll and Payroll Control Center Updates
Learning session: Tips and Tricks

Date: June 3, 2021
Time: 11:30 AM AEST
Platform: GoTo Webinar

Register here:

Can’t attend live?
No problem! You can still register once the registration is up, and then we’ll send you the recording of the session after.

See you soon!

Celebrating Women’s Month every day
Celebrating Women’s Month every day 1008 740 SpinifexIT

Women’s Month is never just a monthly celebration at SpinifexIT.

Every day, we celebrate women by providing opportunities for them to excel in their professional and personal pursuits.

In this Women’s Month feature, we put the spotlight on two of our hardworking Manila-based team members, Janine Calaunan-Santos and L.A. Menard. Here, they talk about how they cope with working from home during the pandemic while still having time for their passions.

Janine Calaunan-Santos

Even before the pandemic, my setup at home hasn’t changed. I’m a hands-on mom taking care of her son and the household, managing the office and making sure projects and tasks are submitted on time, and running during my free time.

Even though I’m mostly working at home now, it has become more difficult to be able to keep up with all my responsibilities. That’s why I always keep this in mind: “Anything – even a job that seemed to be unreachable can be attained if you have discipline, motivation and time management”.  

I make sure to be consistent. With running, I never turn that alarm off and go back to bed. I keep my running schedule, as this helps me get through my day.

I list all my “to-dos” at home and at work, even the simplest ones, and then prioritize. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but for me, making a list and ticking small boxes work well and keep me from missing a deadline.

I add a small window of “spare time” to stop, step back and view the entire picture at home and at work. This way, I am able to do my daily tasks and see if anything is missing. This lets me create additional activities, find what is still needed, and make room for improvement.

L.A. Menard

As a working-mother and a provider, I definitely have challenges every day managing and juggling work, motherhood, the household and personal passions such as fitness. 

That said, I’m grateful to have the flexibility to work from home and also have all the tools I need to be able to get my job efficiently. Of course, there are still inevitable distractions that impact my workflow and focus.

With discipline, support from family and friends, and knowing what to prioritize however, I’m able to organize and complete my tasks without being burned out. I get to be productive and also have quality time with my son and myself, which I’m very thankful for.

Read the special message for Women’s Month written by SpinifexIT’s CFO Christina’s Mulcair here.

Janine Calaunan-Santos

Office Manager


L.A. Menard

Lead Documentation Writer


A Women’s Day Message from SpinifexIT CFO
A Women’s Day Message from SpinifexIT CFO 1008 740 SpinifexIT

Born in an economically liberal but culturally conservative place in Southeastern China, I was lucky to have a father who believes in education for women.

While other parents spent their money on material things (for example, a bigger, expensive TV),  my father spent a big portion of his hard earned money on the education of his three children (And yes, despite the one-child policy, I have a younger sister and a younger brother and that’s another story). 

The most frequent question my father received in those days from other parents, is why he spent so much money on sending daughters to good schools? “They will marry a man and then have kids and so there is no use for a good education”. That was the typical thoughts of most parents in that generation in the place I was growing up. As you can imagine, my father had to defend his decision, but as you can also imagine, my sister and I had to “perform” to prove my father right and those parents wrong – that women’s education is critically important, not only for the individuals and the family, but also for organisations and our society as a whole.

Fast forward so many years, society has come a long way in terms of gender equality. No parents today will choose a TV over their daughters’ education. As I rise up the corporate ladder, I have worked for female leaders and male leaders, worked with female peers and male peers and have built teams and led teams of both sexes. However, the sad fact is that today, there still aren’t many female senior leaders out there. As I rise up the corporate ladder, I have worked more and more with male leaders, male peers and male subordinates. Like so many female senior leaders, I wondered where these women went and why they disappeared?

This article is not an attempt to solve this big problem of our time, but I would like to share some practical learnings and tips from my corporate experience and encourage you to share your thoughts about how to advance women in their career.

For male leaders

  • Please feel free to challenge a female leader by asking her views about the world economy, US-China trade war, global warming, post COVID world, vaccinations, mission to Mars etc, etc etc, instead of just asking her how she manages her work-life balance. There is nothing wrong with this question, it’s just we female leaders have been asked too many times in our career and we got tired of assumptions that ‘family balance’ is a bigger limitation or concern for us than it would be to a man.
  • Instill confidence in your female team members by creating opportunities for them to stretch and help them gain necessary experience and skills. Mentoring and sharing your experience and how you view things is extremely beneficial for their career development.
  • Recognise the native genius (as defined in the book “Multipliers’) in women. Leverage that native genius. Women are so much better at certain things than men!
  • Do not assume. At every decision point when you need to select people for a task, a project or a role, compare candidates based on merit. If you have concerns, ask for clarification, instead of making assumptions. I have seen women miss out opportunities for promotion at other companies, because their male managers assume that their performance will be compromised because they are starting a family or have started a family. Family and work are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they both enrich our lives and stretch our capabilities.
  • Promoting and encouraging women does NOT have to mean that we downplay or ignore the achievements of men. Rather, it is about recognizing the performance of men and women, highlighting the strengths of both sexes, and how they can be utilised together to achieve the best possible outcome.

For females who want to have a corner office

  • Nice girls do not get the corner office. Stop trying to please others. Young ladies out there, please pick up this book, “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office”, read it and have a good laugh at ourselves. This book may get you the corner office if this is what you want.
  • Put yourself forward for opportunities, challenges, projects and promotions. If you do not, your male counterpart will. Males put their hand up for opportunities when they are 50% ready, but females need to wait until they are 90% ready or have done a previous job that’s 90% similar. Please, ladies, when you are 50% ready, you are already good enough for the job. The rest is just selling! Our CEO Darren Pithie would say 80% is just selling!
  • Master the power of delegating, not only at work but also at home. I know you are the best at what you do, but try not to do everything yourself. Let everyone do their share, and let everyone learn to suffer others’ imperfection better!
  • Conserve your energy. A career is not a sprint but a marathon. In many stages of women’s life, we need a heightened level of energy; in our personal lives (such as the birth of a child and looking after the young one), and in our working lives (such as working on a project that will determine the next step in your career). It is really important that you pace yourself correctly over this long journey. Do not let trivial things bother you and waste your energy. Conserve your energy so when you need it the most, it’s there.
  • Broaden your horizons and develop genuine curiosity about the bigger world surrounding our small world. This is especially important when a milestone of your life has been achieved; this is often when we develop the tendency to stop broadening our horizons!

The tech industry struggles to attract women due to years of underdevelopment of the female talent pipeline from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

Fortunately, Spinifex has numerous successful female leaders who are at the front line of customer engagement, project delivery and corporate support functions. As a company, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for women’s career development and advancement. 

I am very proud to report that we have an equal percentage of employees who won the Employee of the Quarter award that started in FY2017, despite a smaller percentage of females in the employee population in our company. This is not an artificial design but a genuine demonstration of the performance of our female employees. I am proud of the achievements of all of our female employees. Well done, ladies!

In the Payroll/HR function of our customers, we work with a large number of female leaders, stakeholders and users. Women in our company are uniquely positioned to understand and feel our customers’ pain, help our customers solve their problems and make an impactful difference at Spinifex for our customers’ success. 

Let’s all advance the cause of gender equality! Happy International Women’s Day!


Christina Mulcair

Chief Financial Officer