SpinifexIT is listed on the SAP Store

Download our SAP Payroll & SAP SuccessFactors solutions from the SAP Store.

SpinifexIT is an SAP Partner and a certified solutions provider. Our SAP-certified software and cloud solutions are available for purchase at the SAP Store.

SAP Store offers SAP and SAP SuccessFactors customers a great way to browse software applications developed by SAP partners. As a result, customers can easily look for the solutions that fit their HCM requirements, view the use cases that each solution can solve, and browse the features and functions that can support and optimize their current business processes. SAP Store is a one-stop-shop for all your SAP and SuccessFactors solution requirements. 

Our participation in the SAP Store is part of our commitment to delivering the best solutions to complement your SAP & SAP SuccessFactors investments.

The following SpinifexIT solutions can be found in the SAP Store and our website:

How to find SpinifexIT

  1. On the search bar, type “SpinifexIT”
  2. Alternatively, you may also search for the business cases our solutions solve. This includes:
    • Payroll Reporting
    • Employee Central Reporting
    • Payroll Reconciliation
    • Payroll Control Center Implementation
    • Payroll Data Cloning / Scrambling
    • Employee Central Data Cloning / Scrambling
    • Document Generation